Moving me right now

You ready to let yourself be moved?  Check out some of these…..

Kelly Diels

Damn it; girl is gooooood.  So good I consume every word she writes, usually more than once.   I'm tickled to say that we're cooking up some seriously sweet baddassedry together, she and I – but you'll have to wait on that, my pretties.  For now, just sit down and let her words set you on fire.

*on safe harbours, swimming demons, and facing your own stuff*

And this particular piece…. lets just say that I’m dealing with some of my own stuff right now.  And this gave me some wake-up-and-get jiggy-with-the-emotional baggage perspective I was sorely lacking on my own.

Sometimes it isn’t the external circumstances or true intentions of other people that trigger us. Sometimes our interpretation isn’t objective reality. Sometimes it is our own stuff.

Jena Strong

Beaming light, brilliant poet, with a gift to reducing life to its purest form.  Plus, she's the cutest little thing, and when she smiles her eyes squint up so deliciously that I want to keep her with me forever and ever.

*Unbreakable, or Riding the Crocodile*

So many truths in this one.  Read again and again.

There were times last fall and winter when I felt like no expanse would be big enough for my energy, my rage, my sadness, my hunger, my love, my spirit. Now, I am beginning to land. To feel that there is enough room for me in this life. To reach my arms out around myself, painting a circle of space around my body on the very air I move through.


Contentment.  Yes.

“Not straining to move mountains but letting the mountains move themselves, as they have for all time”

Dear Sugar

Dear Abby?  Puh-lease.  Sugar takes on the tired old advice column and works it into something far more wise, wonderful and heart-achingly beautiful than I ever could have imagined.  Explore the archives.  I dare you not to be moved by every single letter.

*The Truth That Lives There*

I read it and cried.  I sent it to two people who needed very much to read it.  Then I read it again and shed a few more tears.  Every now and then you come across someone who tells a bit of your own story as a part of their own.  And that, when it happens, is such a gift.

But an ethical and evolved life also entails telling the truth about oneself and living out that truth…..And if there’s one thing I believe more than I believe anything else, it’s that you can’t fake the core. The truth that lives there will eventually win out. It’s a god we must obey, a force that brings us all inevitably to our knees.

*That Ecstatic Parade*

If only every single person out there had a truth-teller whispering this in their ear.

There is a middle path, but it goes in only one direction: toward the light. Your light. The one that goes blink, blink, blink inside your chest when you know what you’re doing is right. Listen to it. Trust it. Let it make you stronger than you are.


Leigh Steele

Bestest Friend + Guru + Soft Place To Fall = My Leigh-Leigh.  I have rarely known anyone in my life who is easier to love.

*On Idle*

From her am reminded, over and over again, what a wise and beautiful thing it is to learn from our children.

No, it isn’t easy.  And you won’t have all the answers.   And it will challenge your own view of yourself.  If it doesn’t, then try harder.  Go deeper.  Question everything.   Quell the voices.  Sit in silence.  Cry as often as you can.   Smile when you want to scream.   Hug when you want to lash out.  Crumple to the floor in desperation when you need to.   Ask the wind for advice;  she often replies.   Heal in warm baths and sweet slumber….


Please do tell me, lovelies, what has been moving you lately.  I'd love links to blogs, articles, video's songs…..or tell me a story from your own life.  Share how you're moving and what is moving you.