let the longing of your holy body lead you home - jeanette leblanc

give yourself over to the night.

What are you doing right now? Stop it. Sit down. Exhale. Let it go. You don't need to clean the kitchen. You don't need to finish that email. You don't need to do anything but give yourself over to the night.

How could you best love yourself right now? What could you offer your sacred soul?

Do that.

Exactly that.

Do you need to dance? Feel the burn of whiskey? Climb into your bed and slow your breath? Light a cigarette and sit on your patio breathing in the darkness in solitude? Give yourself over to grief? Let the flicker of joy flame into fullness?

Steal out into the darkest night and find a crowd to get lost in? Slide your bare skin against the one who loves you and offer yourself in wholeness? Let your heart remember what was good and true?

Offer reverence for the ordinary extraordinary of this day? Light a candle and give blessing? Turn up the music and lose yourself in the beat? Open your journal and let the scrawl of words release what you've been holding too tight?

Run to your car and set a straight course for the ocean that calls you home? Let go? Hold fierce and fast? Ask for what you need? Claim it for yourself?

What do you need lover? What you do you want?

Stop quieting that inner voice that whispers in the night. Trust in the integrity of your own knowing. Let your hope teach you.

Let the longing of your holy body lead you home.

Claim this as your own. Give yourself to it fully. There is nothing else more worthy in this exact moment. Everything else will wait.

This time is for you.

Do you need permission? I am giving it to you now.

This moment. This night. This darkness. It is yours.

Do with it what you will – but do it with all of you.

It is what the universe demands.  Your life will accept no less.  I will accept no less.

Go, give yourself over to the night.