you are here to create {an invitation}

Calling all the reluctant creatives.

The inhibited artists.

Those who only dance in the dark and secret corners when nobody is watching.

You’ve got canvas and paint stacked in the closet and an entire novel bursting at the seams of your soul. You burn with the need to make things, but still – somehow do not.

Your doubt speaks loud and clear,  but not loud enough to drown out the insistent call of your muse.

You’ve something to say but the power of that message makes you want to shrink and hide.

What could happen if you unleashed it all? What would change? What would you lose.

What would they say? Who would you be?

So you don’t. And you hide. And you avoid. You get caught in the loop of perpetual busyness and debilitating self-doubt and priorities that put your call to create near the bottom of the pile.

You ignore the calling. You negate the gift. You aim for perfect and fall short and you speak unkind words directed only at yourself.

You try to content yourself with everything but that terrifying thing that you are meant to do.

That thing that is your purpose. Your passion. Your art.


Enough already.

You are here to create.   And it is time to show up.


Show up for yourself.

Show up as yourself.

Show up on your own time. In your own way.

Show up with your wild broken open heart.

With your tear stained face.

Show up with ink on your hands and paint on your clothes.

Show up terrified and full of doubt that this will never work.

With all your hopes and every last thing you can no longer believe in.

Show up to announce your letting go.

Show up with whatever scraps you have left.

Show up full force, guns blazing.

Show up ready to burn that shit down.

Show up heart red and pulsing, ready to rebuild.

Show up to break the chains, to smash the cage. To say once and for all, I am done with restraint.

Show up to create.

Show up with your paint and your canvas. Show up with your words of honey and wrecking ball and sunflowers and broken things.

Show up with your hips slow spin.

With your wild and crazy and impossible dreams.

Show up to map the wilderness

Show up to get eternally lost and found deep inside the empty that comes when you spill it all.

Show up naked.

Open your arms. Let your voice ring clear.

Tell them here I am. All that I am. Tell them that you won’t play small for one more day. Tell them you’re here for a reason.

Tell them the resistance is over. The walls have fallen. The people are dancing in the streets.

Show up and change their minds.

Show up and change your own damn mind.

Just show up.

Everything changes when you do.

{an invitation}

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It's time to show up!

Join us to talk about the power of creative resistance, how to change your relationship to your art, and how to find a way to show up that works for you. Because, love, you are here to create.