Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Before the holidays this year I got the opportunity to take photos of Tamara and her beautiful family.  We headed to a local park only to find out that we had apparently chosen the most popular family photography date of the year – we had to share the best spots with about eight other photographers!  Despite waiting in line on occasion, we managed to capture some of my favorite kind of shots – beautiful, spontaneous interaction and a whole lot of love!


phoenix family photography (tamara+family)

phoeninx family photography (tamara+family)

phoenix family photography (tamara+family)


I’ve wanted to take photos of this handsome little man for quite a while now, and finally got a chance.  Dylan had just woken up from a long, long nap, and wasn’t too sure about the whole picture taking process, but there is something to be said for the opportunity to capture a sense of peaceful stillness in an otherwise active and busy toddler.  Sometimes I think those shy, quiet moments lead to some of the most beautiful photos…and the way Dylan gazed directly into my lens (with those dreamy brown eyes, no less) left me utterly captivated.  Honestly, I don’t know how his mama ever manages to say no to him…