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Phoenix Wedding Photographer | Sneak Peek: Shiloh & Ian

I once swore up and down and back and forth that I would never, no matter what, not in a million years, be a wedding photographer.  There were enough amazing talents in the Phoenix wedding photography scene – I was going to stick with what I knew best.  But then I got the opportunity to assist one of those talented wedding photographers, and I found myself thinking “hmm…that was actually kind of fun” (which, I should have known, is always the beginning of a great adventure).

So, when Shiloh and Ian contacted me and asked me to be their wedding photographer – I didn’t have to think long before saying a resounding “Heck Yeah!”.   This Saturday I got to photograph their beautiful wedding in downtown Phoenix (there was a junkyard! and an old school bus! and rusted turquoise dumpsters! – be still my beating heart), and although I may never imagined a future as a wedding photographer – I think I may have to reevaluate.

I haven’t had much time to review all the photos from the day, I wanted to take a moment to post a quick sneak peek of a few favorite images.

Shiloh and Ian – thank you so much for honoring me by including me in your wedding day. It was truly a blessing to witness the power of the love you share as a couple, and with the strong community that surrounds you. Clearly, you are two gentle and beautiful souls who have already impacted many. You, and your families, are some of the most gracious and welcoming people I have had the privilege of meeting. It was truly a joy to be your wedding photographer and play a role in your celebration.

To all you veteran wedding photographers out there – hats off to you! Wedding photography is definitely an endurance sport, especially in the Phoenix heat!  I read a quote recently in a photography magazine from a wedding photographer who said he runs every day in order to stay in shape for shooting weddings. I thought he was totally exaggerating, but now I totally get it!

And I can’t post this without a shout out to my girls. Thanks to Kimberly Bee (whose assistance with preparing was invaluable) and to Maggie McDonald (the best darn second shooter a gal could ask for)…I love you girls! I’ve gotta say, we make a fabulous team!

PS: Make sure you check out Maggie’s blog for a few of her photos too – she made my jaw drop when I saw them this morning.  STUNNING!



Sneak Peek: Phoenix Photographer Kimberly Bee

This week I was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to photograph local photography rock star Kimberly Bee. Together with the awesome Maggie MacDonald and Kim’s handsome husband Mike, we headed out to an amazing spot and shot for several hours, even breaking out the off camera flash setup when we ran out of light.

Kim is a phenomenal photographer and I am blessed to call her my friend. I feel lucky that our paths crossed a few years ago, and even luckier that I get to work with her every once in a while. I know it’s not easy for a photographer to relinquish control and step out in front of the camera, but Kim made it look effortless.

We had a blast, Kim and Mike are clearly such a gorgeous and fun couple that it made the shoot easy. Over the course of the afternoon and evening we climbed on ladders, laid down on the ground, got covered in orange paint, played on dumpsters…by the time we were done we were all exhausted and a total mess. There’s one shot somewhere that shows just how dirty I got – note to self: don’t wear light jeans and a white shirt next time!

It’s been a busy week filled with sick kids and general craziness, and tomorrow I’m shooting a wedding for this lovely couple featured on Kimberly’s blog a few weeks ago, but I promise to get to the rest of the photos from this session as soon as I can!

Thanks to Maggie, for being so dang fun to work with, and a special thanks Kim and Mike, for trusting us to capture your relationship.