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Sneak Peek: Kate and Jack | Phoenix Children’s Photography

I love my job!

Yesterday morning – while I imagine most sensible, responsible employed adults were stuck in their offices wearing sensible, responsible business casual clothing and doing sensible, responsible, employed adult things – I got to go play and get dirty in my favorite junkyard.  My lovely photog friend Maggie and her family are leaving Phoenix (moving to Dallas! so far away!)  and she wanted some pictures of her uber-cute children before she left.

We stacked colorful old soda crates, we climbed between dumpsters, we examined discarded collections of nuts and bolts and beads and wires.  We talked about bugs, and school and we laughed ourselves silly.  And I get to call this work!

Jake and Kate are sweet, silly, charming, bubbly, loving and articulate children (much like their mama, come to think of it).  Kate is an impish little pixie with an irrepressible sparkle in her eye, while Jack is a utterly darling, serious,  soft spoken boy with a great imagination.  Although we had only met once before yesterday’s session, we were immediate buddies, and had a grand time during our junkyard adventure.

Afterward  – to make a fun morning even better –  we headed to my favorite gelato spot (chocolate hazelnut gelato + blackberry sorbet = yum).  I’m starting to think that all Phoenix photo sessions should end with some sort of icy treat :)

Maggie – I’m going to miss you, and I wish you and your family all the best in Dallas.  I’m so totally coming to visit (now that Dallas has both you AND Brenda – nothing could keep me away)!

(note to my other wonderful clients: based on Maggie’s departure in less than 24 hours – I made an executive decision to bump her to the head of the sneak peek line :)  Don’t worry, I’m still working away on all your sessions and should have several to post over the week, so keep checking back!)

phoenix child photographer

Gotta love a little lens distortion – kids can’t resist it when say I can show them a picture of themselves with a giant head!

phoenix children's photographyphoenix child photographer

phoenix kids photographyphoenix child photography

Maggie was behind me for this one, creating some sort of crazy ‘movie’ for her kiddos.  That lady has energy and enthusiasm enough for ten people! As for me, I just wanted to take that theater seat home with me. :)

phoenix family photography

phoenix arizona child photographerphoenix arizona children's photography

arizona child photographyblack and white child photography

phoenix sibling photographs

And last but not least, this one is my favorite from the entire session.  I couldn’t decide if I should post color or black and white, because I love them both for different reasons, so don’t be surprised if I add the color one some time soon!

phoenix child photographer

Sneak Peek: Asher | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

She’s one of those rare individuals who you can meet just once, and know without a doubt that you’re going to head-over-heels-love-her-forever.  Kind, patient, thoughtful, full of goodness and compassion, Phoebe truly is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with.   As a mother she is an inspiration, as a friend she is full of sweetness and warmth and calm, welcoming energy.

She was with me for the birth of my youngest daughter Julianna, and I was present for the birth of her middle son Caleb.  She has honored me over and over by asking me to be the photographer for her oldest son, her pregnancy, her birth, her newborn babies.  I was so excited to head to her house last week to meet her newest arrival – 9lb, 10oz baby Asher.  Phoebe’s third son was a squishy, chubby, sleepy bundle of newborn heaven – snoozing for hours and letting me go on my merry photographic way.  With a perfect five day old baby boy and all my luscious knitted goodies from Marie, I was in heaven, let me tell you!

Phoebe, thank you so much for trusting me to be a part of some of the most important times in your life.  It means more than you could possibly know.

Asher: Phoenix Newborn Photography

Asher: Phoenix Newborn Photography

Asher: Phoenix Newborn PhotographyAsher: Phoenix Newborn Photography

Asher: Phoenix Newborn PhotographyAsher: Phoenix Newborn PhotographyAsher: Phoenix Newborn Photography

Asher: Phoenix Newborn PhotographyAsher: Phoenix Newborn Photography

Edited to add: For all those who have asked about the knitted goodies, this just represents a small selection of Marie’s brilliance.  Marie just gave birth to her own baby boy, but is in the process of setting up an etsy shop and will begin taking custom orders once she’s back in the swing of things.  If you want to be added to her email list for an announcement when she digs out her knitting needles again, please send me an email at and I’ll forward your infomation along to Marie.

Sneak Peek: Marie | Phoenix Maternity Photographer

It’s no secret that I love maternity photography – and this session was no exception. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to capture a knockout gorgeous redhead and her adorable family during such an important time of their lives? As if that’s not luck enough, I’m waiting to get the call that Marie has gone into labor (any day now!) so that I can go be with them and photograph the arrival of their second son.

We headed to yet another fantastic downtown Phoenix location and the family played and hung out while I snapped photos, then Marie and I snuck away for a few fashion-esque solo shots.  Isn’t she a knock out?!

In addition to being a beautiful mama, Marie is also a knitter extraordinaire (check out the fabulous diaper cover in this post) and I’ll be posting images some of her wonderful creations in several upcoming posts. If you are a photographer looking for fabulous diaper covers, hats, cocoons and wraps, stay tuned for more details!





Tamara & Her Boys | Phoenix Family Photography

Just digging through my archives again from my blogging hiatus and thought I’d post this fun family shoot. Tamra and her sons had recently undergone some pretty big life changes, and she really wanted to capture some fun shots with the most precious people in her life, her handsome boys.

When I arrived at their home, the boys weren’t completely sold on giving up their play time to take pictures so I did what any sensible photographer would do – we morphed photo session into play time and headed out for ice cream! Phoenix landmark Mary Coyle’s provided the perfect backdrop for fun family pictures – and who can resist boys with chocolate ice cream faces!