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Announcing: Summer 2010 Boudoir Marathon

phoenix boudoir photography by Jeanette LeBlanc

It’s all about feeling beautiful.  Feeling powerful.  Feeling sexy.  Stepping into yourself as a woman and being confident enough to own your sensual, sexual, divine, goddess self.

It can be raw and real, soft and pretty, raunchy and racy, bold and artistic. It can be red patent leather heels and black fishnet stockings, or it can be saucy 1940’s pin-up.  You can be feminine and innocent in lacy pastels, or rock out your inner biker chick with a leather vest and bad-ass boots.   You can be perfectly beautiful everyday you, or you can channel that inner rockstar who has been patiently waiting for just the right opportunity to show herself.  Silverscreen glamor girl or downtown diva.  Fredrick’s of Hollywood or La Perla?  Artsy, grainy black and white?  Bright, vibrant, rich color?   All of the above?  You decide.

Tuck your boudoir album into your husband’s suitcase to surprise him on a long business trip.  Gather your besties with lots of giggles and a bottle of champagne for courage and toast your fabulous single life. Give your girlfriend an anniversary gift she’ll always remember.  Keep your images under your pillow and pull them out when you need a reminder of just how fabulous and incredible you really are.

Yes, right now you might be nervous.  You might feel intimidated.  You might be thinking that you just need five fewer pounds or perkier boobs, or a just a little less muffin top.  You might be focused on all the things that you’ve always told yourself need fixing.  And that makes sense.  We don’t live in a world that celebrates real women.

But guess what, your boudoir session is about celebrating you.  Perfectly real, perfectly fabulous, perfectly perfect YOU.

Yes, we’ll make sure you have the perfect outfits, and a divine hair and make-up artist to make you red-carpet ready.  We’ll take care of booking a uber-cool hotel room to provide a stylish backdrop, and you’ll get a sexy little album with some killer photographs.  But in the end, the one thing that will make this a day you’ll always remember is how you feel when you walk away.

I guarantee that we’ll make you comfortable.  We’ll make you laugh.  We’ll make you see yourself in a whole new light.  I promise you’ll leave feeling beautiful and powerful and sexy beyond belief.

Your boudoir session can be whatever you want it to be – because it’s all about you.  Your comfort level.  Your style.  Your beauty. Your amazing, awe-inspiring self.

Trust me.

{We’re in the early stages of planning our very first Boudoir Marathon for September of 2010. Along with hair and makeup artist Meghan Reese, we’ll be booking a limited number of boudoir sessions at one of Phoenix’s top hotels over a two-day period in early September. Sign up below to be added to our mailing list and get priority placement and an exclusive bonus when we open up for booking}



Undeniable Facts

Several Undeniable Facts (just in case you were wondering)…..

Undeniable fact #1: I get to take pictures of the most beautiful people.  Crazy good-looking, fashion model-gorgeous, upside down and backwards amazing.

Undeniable fact #2: I love my job. (like, so much that it makes me a ‘lil giddy from time to time).

Undeniable fact #3: Numbers 1 and 2 are unmistakeably related.

Undeniable fact #4: Fashion photography is my most favorite-est thing.  Being a fashion photographer rocks, especially when it happens in downtown Phoenix (see #4)

Undeniable fact #5: My muse lives downtown.  Not the pretty part of downtown either.  She’s at home in the gritty, dirty spots that most people pass by.  In the alleys and forgotten doorways,  by the dumpsters, around abandoned corners of broken down buildings.  That’s where my art finds me.

Undeniable fact #6:
Did I mention the beautiful people thing?  It bears repeating.  Holy hell folks – just look at her!

fashion photography in downtown Phoenix, ArizonaHair and Makeup styled by the amazing Meghan Reese.  If you want to do a fashion photo shoot (or you just want to channel your inner fashion model – Meghan is your girl).  She’ll make you look red carpet ready in no time!

Nova Scotia Bound: T-minus five days (and counting).

Snapshot of Photographer Jeanette LeBlanc in 2009 - Cheverie Nova Scotia{Snapshot of me on the beach in Cheverie, Summer 2009.  My camera rarely leaves me when I’m in Nova Scotia, everywhere I look there is a photograph waiting to be made}

So – we fly out next Tuesday morning.


I’ve done some rough figuring tonight and by my estimation in the next five days I must:

Edit at least four full sessions each day + complete all outstanding client orders + schedule six-weeks’ worth of blog posts + wake up at 5am to shoot crazy awesome bridal shoot with team of fabulous peeps + attend  1 n 10 overnight lock-in +pack for six week trip to location with unpredictable weather + find a dress and shoes for my sister’s wedding + get house ready for house sitter + write promised article for popular photography blog + plan August bridal shoot with Alex + schedule August engagement shoot with new wedding client +pay bills in advance so utilities still operational when we return + find passports and Canadian ATM cards +try my damnedest to squeeze in Cicely’s maternity shoot+ to  totally and completely freak out + remain calm, cool and collected at all times.

And it should be easy-peasy.  As long as I don’t stop to eat, or sleep, or breathe too often.

I can’t decide if my mantra should be “Calgon, take me away” or “Serenity Now”.  Or maybe I’ll just mutter a stream of constant obscenities under my breath for the next 120 hours.  {120 hours!  That sounds like far shorter than five days has any right to sound!}  I might look crazy, but I think it will make me feel better.

That being said – come Tuesday morning when the plane lifts off the ground, I’m going to be one happy girl, for many reasons.

  1. It is never (ever. ever. ever) 110 degrees in Nova Scotia.  Ever.  Because 110 degrees is just stupid.
  2. My mama still lets me sit on her lap. And she bakes me cookies.
  3. I get to see my nephew!  And my brothers and sister and cousins! And Sweet Salty Kate!
  4. I’m going to be in a wedding, for the first time in my almost 35 years.  You may think this is lame, but I finally feel as if I have truly arrived.  I AM someone, dammit.
  5. I’m going home.  To a place where I am rooted, sheltered, and loved.  To a place where the tune of the world (the sound of the wind whispering through the trees and the waves crashing on the beach and the insects buzzing in the air and the frogs croaking in the pond) is as familiar to me as the sound of my own heartbeat.  I am going to a place where my ancestors worked and lived and loved for generations.   I’m going home.
  6. Ketchup Chips.  Need I say more?

Before I sign off (and go back to freaking out…see above) a few housekeeping notes {Email me directly for more info on any of the items below}.

Nova Scotia Photography Sessions:

I’ll be in NS from June 22nd till August 3rd – however the majority of the sessions will be scheduled for early –mid July. There are still a few spots available for Nova Scotia Sessions, but space is going fast. Sessions are planned for Halifax and for Cheverie, but travel to other parts of NS is available if you are willing to cover a travel fee.

Summer 2011 Weddings (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI):

I am also currently booking weddings for summer 2010 in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Any couple who books their wedding before July 15th will receive a free engagement session this summer, and a coffee table style guest book for their wedding. Refer your friends and when they book their wedding you’ll earn $50 toward your portrait session!

Photography Mentorships and Learning Groups:

Based on request I am also opening up a limited number of days for one-on-one workshops and small learning groups for beginner to intermediate photographers. These will be informal learning opportunities, completely customized to the needs of those attending. For more information and pricing, please contact me directly.

Model Shoots:

I hope to schedule a limited number of model shoots in both Halifax and Cheverie, for both personal projects and as a part of my mentor sessions. If you are interested in modeling, or providing hair, makeup or wardrobe styling – drop me a line and let me know!

Mwah darlings – must run.  It’s 2: 55 am and there’s still more work to do!

The Inspirador | Chandler Wedding Venue

Inspirador Chandler: Two Thumbs Up!

We’ve clearly established two things here in the last month:

  1. I’m not all that great at staying on top of this blogging thing.
  2. I’m a tiny bit behind.  Like waaaaaay behind. Terribly, horribly, procrastinating-ly behind.

So, it should come as no great shocker that I’m about to post an event that happened in March (she ducks her head sheepishly and hopes this comes off as endearingly honest rather than hopelessly outdated).

About a hundred years ago (or March 24th to be exact) I happened to be in Chandler for a portrait session.  I had been hearing quite a bit of buzz about the Inspirador, a way cool wedding venue in Historic Downtown Chandler.   It seemed serendipitous when I checked their facebook page and found out that they had an open house planned for that very night.  Not being one to ignore a lovely coincidence, I headed over to check out the action just as soon as I wrapped up my session.

First thought: This place rocks!
Second thought: Damn, nice peeps too!
Third thought: OMG – they have a display of framed GRASS on the wall outside.  I’m officially in love.

chandler wedding venue - inspirador

The Inspirador is a truly unique option for your Arizona wedding, with an urban vibe and modern style.  The Poet’s Lounge is a dreamy, candle lit spot for your romantic wedding ceremony, while the Tryst Art Gallery, Courtyard and Symphony Hall provide numerous options for cocktail hour, mingling with guests or a sit down reception.  Beyond the amazing venue, downtown Chandler provides numerous fantastic spots for killer urban portraits before or after your ceremony.  Bonus!

The Inspirador has also partnered with some of the most fabulous wedding vendors in the valley to bring together regular open house events, which are beneficial for engaged couples and wedding professionals alike.

Inspirador Chandler, Wedding Photography

I connected with several people during my visit, including event planners Rebecca Coberly and Jessica Martinez of Embellish, Design For Entertaining.  These two super cool (and incredibly sweet) Phoenix wedding coordinators created the beautiful white on white buffet and table display featured below.   Check out their website and blog for more information and images of their inspirational work.

phoenix wedding coordinator Embellish @ inspirador chandler

My attention was immediately captured by the floral arrangements on one table.  Phoenix Floral Designer Jan Dekker created this bold bouquet and I had to snatch it and run outside to take some photos.  I love the intensity of the color combo and can just imagine it being carried by a bride who was looking forward to stepping outside the box a little and working with a rich, deep color scheme.   I do so love a bouquet with a bit of attitude!

inspirador wedding flowers by jan dekker

To make a long (and late!) story short(ish):

If you are a stylish modern couple looking for something a little different for your wedding venue –  add the Inspirador in Chandler to your short list of places to check out in person.  They are having their next Open House next week on the 23rd (remember what I said about not ignoring lovely coincidences?) so make sure you drop by.

Unfortunately, I won’t be there (I’ll be cooling off in Nova Scotia) but you’d better not miss it!  To sweeten the deal (beyond the free food and fabulous vendors) they are also offering a gift bag to the first 25 brides, and a chance to win over $1000.00 in prizes!  Check out their facebook  page for details!

Featured: Southwestern Bride

A few months ago (which translates to about 857 years in internet time, if you’re counting) I was thrilled to be contacted by the fine folks at Southwestern Bride (the wedding guide for the modern Southwest Bride).  They wanted to feature my bridal session from the incredible Scottsdale wedding venue the Boojum Tree.  Of course I was tickled pink and flattered as all heck*, so I said yes right away.

Boojum Tree Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Southwestern Bride is an awesome wedding resource for Phoenix brides, as it focuses solely on weddings in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – so  you’ll be sure to find lots of area (and climate!) appropriate ideas and inspiration.   If you are planning a wedding in Phoenix, make sure you check out this website!    And while you’re in the planning stages, take the time to visit The Boojum Tree – it’s an oasis in the middle of the desert, with beautiful light and countless tucked away spots for private moments (and amazing photos)!

From the Boojum Tree Website:

Boojum Tree is Arizona’s most unique and exotic wedding, reception and corporate event destination.  While you enjoy your stroll through our property, you’ll be in awe of the thousands of tropical plants, multiple water features and our new Palm Forest.  Imagine your special day in our hidden gardens.

From the Southwestern Bride Blog:

“The Southwestern U.S. is a unique mixture of colors, tastes and textures that sets itself apart from anywhere else in the world. It is a land of enchantment, adventure and the spirit of days gone by. It is also an area of thriving cities and the perfect blend of contemporary and classic styles.

Southwestern Bride celebrates this area and was created as a resource for brides in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that would give them access to the very best professionals the Southwest has to offer them.”

*Yes, although I am now a big city girl, I sometimes slip up a talk like a country bumpkin.  I also two-step (and I’m not ashamed to admit it).