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The particular vulnerability of standing on stage in a see-through dress (or: where I’ve been).

images from phoenix fashion photographer Jeanette LeBlanc


Blogging after a three month hiatus feels a little bit like walking onto a big open stage, blinding floodlights making it impossible to see more than two feet in front of you.  You’ve got no idea if you’re playing to a full house of crazed fans or if your entire audience consists of three random misfits who’ve wandered in off the street by accident.  Plus, you’re not even sure the microphone works, and you’re slightly worried that the spotlights are rendering your new dress transparent.  Nerve-wracking stuff.

{uncomfortable pause while she tentatively clears throat and taps microphone}

Is anybody there?


Six weeks away from home and business made the last month and a half so busy I couldn’t tell up from down.  So I did the only thing I could do –  I sat down at my computer and turned into a mad editing machine.  Six weeks later, I was beginning to hear mutterings, sotto voce, from kind people who feared surgical intervention might be necessary to extricate mouse from hand and butt from office chair.

“seriously.  she’s been there for three days.  straight.  i think she got up once to pee. her eyes look a little…crazy.  do you think she’s alright?”

Whatevs people.  Small price to pay, I say.  I finally finished last Friday at 2:47pm.  Every client, every personal project, every friend freebie, every volunteer commitment.


The relief I feel even makes up for the fact I’ve developed a slight twitch and that my posture makes me bear a faint resemblance to this guy.

I think I need an assistant.


We’ve established (plenty-o-times) that as a regular-writer-of-blogs, I’m a little lacking.  It’s not that I forget you, dear audience, it’s just that I want to give you nothing but 100% unadulterated awesomeness with every single post, and I fall into the trap of assuming that I can’t live up to my own expectations.   I go about my days with that nagging feeling that there is something else I’m supposed to be doing, occasionally flogging myself for ignoring you for so long.  At least once a week I silently vow that I’m going to magically transform into a power-blogging-rockstar, and life with never be the same.

Any day now…


In the meantime (while we await magical rockstar transformation), since I have your attention – let me use this time to catch you up on a little housekeeping…

2010 Portraits:
For portrait photographers, the fall is always the busiest time of the year.   We have a few dates available for full sessions between now and our holiday ordering deadline at the end of November – but spots are booking up quickly.  If you’ve been considering scheduling your portrait session this fall, now is definitely the time to book.  Contact us and we’ll find the perfect time and location for your portraits so that you can have your order in time to send out holiday cards and gifts.

Holiday Mini Sessions:
This year holiday mini sessions are available for a half day only, at an incredible location.  We’ll be setting up shop at The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens on Friday October 29th, and there are currently only 5 open spots available. Mini sessions are 30 minute sessions and ideal for families, couples or individuals.  If you’d like to book a mini-session please contact us and we’ll send you all the necessary details to reserve your spot.

Boudoir, Baby:
One unfortunate impact of the insanity that was August 2010 was that the boudoir marathon had to be rescheduled. I took a day or two off (or maybe it was six weeks) and came back to find that every single weekend in August and September was booked – which put a wrench in our boudoir extravaganza plans.  We switched gears and are planning to hold the sessions at the beginning of the year, just in time to surprise someone with the Valentines gift that really does keep on giving.  Sign up below for updates and more details when the time gets closer.



Cliff Notes Version (for those whose eyes glazed over skimming through the above self-indulgent ramblings and just because i really love lists).

  1. I got way busy.
  2. Then I became a super-duper-highly-effective-superhuman-editing-machine.
  3. This was effective, but made me look like Quasimodo.
  4. Plus I ignored my blog. again.
  5. I can tell you are shocked.
  6. But one day I’ll unleash my awesomeness, and I’ll blog every single day for eight years straight and you’ll be amazed.
  7. Seriously.
  8. We’re pretty booked for the rest of the fall – but we want you to have amazing portraits for the holidays. Because we’re nice like that. So drop us a line. It will definitely help if you bribe me with chocolate.
  9. If you’re as busy as we are, you might want to consider our crazy-amazing-great-for-busy-people mini-sessions. Get in touch and we’ll hook you up.
  10. The Boudoir Marathon got postphoned. But never fear.  We’ve got you covered (or uncovered, as the case may be).  Holla, and we’ll keep you posted.
  11. I checked, and my dress was totally NOT see-through.  Whew.