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Things we know for sure:
1. I am not the most prolific, reliable or regular blogger.
2. I have developed a solid pattern of occasionally making a damn good show, apologizing profusely, spewing lots of promises and posting a series of posts, only to inevitably sink back into obscurity before you’ve even gotten used to having me around.
3. I also have an unhealthy attachment to run-on sentences (see above). This is not necessarily related to this blog post – but important nonetheless.
4. I have, in the past, practiced a ridiculous level of avoidance with any task that even remotely approaches self-promotion.
5. This includes blogging, maintaining our facebook page and marketing of any sort.
6. All of the above are important for the maintenance and continued growth of a photography business.
7. Clearly I’ve got a few kinks to work out.

But guess what?  Enough of that.  2012 is the year to work out those kinks.  We’ve had big shifts occurring behind the scenes for the past year  – and although change often occurs slower than we’d like – it’s definitely occurring.   We are learning and growing and refining our purpose and passion, and our focus has shifted in a big way.  Our work has shifted in a big way.  Our plans for the future have shifted in a big way.  And because we’re also quite over the starving artist myth, we are going to have to knock that whole ‘self-promotion makes us skeevy’ thing into oblivion so that we can share it all with you very soon.

In the meantime, I need to push myself back into blogging.  We’ve got a few years worth of sessions, most of which have never been shared.  Beautiful women, beautiful couples, beautiful families.  We’ve been involved in some crazy cool collaborative shoots with fiercely talented individuals.   Our photography has been published on some fantastic blogs and recognized in a respected magazine.   And for the most part, all of this all exists only on my hard drive and the random to-do lists that clutter my desk.   Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, or the new iteration of this company to be launch-ready, or for the perfect assistant to appear out of the blue with a razor sharp mind, a love of marketing and piles and piles of dark chocolate to feed me when I’m stressed – I just need to begin.

You see – I’ve convinced myself over the years that if I can’t post absolute perfection I shouldn’t post at all.  That every one of my clients deserve a hand-written and personalized story to go with their images.  That every single post had to showcase the wholeness and heart of every session. That I couldn’t post anything until all the new changes were 100% ready to be put into effect. That nothing less that perfect would ever do.  And that has kept me frozen in place.  Always waiting for enough time, or the exact right inspiration, or for all the changes to be in place (or that imaginary assistant to knock on my door).

So yes we’ve got big changes coming – and they are not quite ready to share.  And yes, I’ll probably always need nagging and encouragement and of course – self-promotion still makes me feel a little icky.  But I’m working on it, because I have to and because I want to.  Because I really, really believe in the work we are going to be doing, and I want you to know about it.  So, I begin with baby steps.  An intention to blog all these archived shoots, to celebrate the beauty of my clients and their families and their lives.  A desire to combine words and photography into something that I  feel passionate enough about that blogging (and all other forms of self-promotion) become automatic and fulfilling instead of a chore to be avoided.

I could use a cheerleader or two along the way.  I’ve got some pretty entrenched habits to change.  I’m also easily distracted by shiny things and dark chocolate, so clearly I could use your help.  Are you with me?

Tell me – what necessary things do you avoid?  Does your perfectionism get in the way of your productivity?  Have you managed to change your habits and get back on track?  Do YOU need a cheerleader? 

And please – if you have a moment, check out our new Facebook Page.  We’ve posted our upcoming travel dates, will announce promotions and contests and will begin sharing more photos there as well.  Stop by and say hi – we’d love to hear from you.


  1. Jennifer said . . .

    Silly girl!
    Don’t you know?
    You are not promoting “YOURSELF”. You are sharing the gifts and abilities you have been given with the world, and that’s good, because that’s what they’re FOR.
    Every time you use your camera to make a woman feel like the goddess she is, you give a gift. Every time you capture the universe in the round belly of a mother, or the smile of a newborn, every time you gether up LOVE in your lens at a wedding, and give it back to the happy couple, you make visible things that would never be seen if you didn’t exist.
    \Yes, you get paid, but that’s just the universe making sure you can keep doing your thing, because that’s what you were made to do.
    So DO IT, and SHOUT LOUDLY about how good you are, with no apologies Not so that people will praise you,
    but so people can recieve the gifts given through you!

    Posted 03.02.12 at 7:46 pm | Permalink
  2. sweetsalty kate said . . .

    Good on you, girl(s). xo

    Posted 03.02.12 at 9:07 pm | Permalink
  3. Jen said . . .

    Jeanette! So awesome! I’m so excited to see what you have up your sleeve. You are insanely, rockstar talented and I’m so eager to see more of your work!

    Posted 03.19.12 at 8:08 am | Permalink
  4. Jac JaKwa Bliss said . . .

    How absolutely crazy and ironic this all is! I love the Universe and the way it attracts us!!! Unbelievable to say the least!!! I will be your cheerleader for sure! Spirit fingers and all :) and I am distracted by anything blissful and more importantly…shiny Airstreams!!!!! :)


    Posted 03.26.12 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

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