Rachel and Zhen’s Engagement: Part Two {Arizona Desert Picnic}


He asked her, on bended knee, just as the sun was setting on a desert mountaintop.  It was just a month after they met and she wondered what on earth had taken him so long.  No – it wasn’t a mad dash romance – he got down on one knee to ask her to be his girlfriend.  Who could possibly resist that sort of old fashioned romance?

Certainly not Rachel.

And that was just the beginning.  They’ve got big dreams, of a life on the east coast in a Victorian house near the ocean, and the family they plan on creating together.  They “argue and make up.  Bicker and smile. Fight over the remote control and love each other unconditionally”.   Zhen says he’ll love her until his teeth fall out, and Rachel crosses her fingers and says she hopes he doesn’t take up hockey anytime soon.

And so it goes – with humor and solidarity and a dash of adventure  – Rachel and Zhen love one another in a way that defies label or definition.  It just is.

And we are glad to have been a part of it.

Phoenix Desert Engagement Portraits
Arizona Desert Engagement Portraits
Phoenix Engagement Portraits - Desert Picnic
Arizona Picnic Engagement Shoot
Desert Picnic Engagement Portraits
Picnic Engagement Portraits - Desert Picnic

Part One of Rachel and Zhen’s engagement Shoot – Young Love, Urban Style
{also coming soon – their fab Inspirador Wedding} 


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    i am so in love with these!! i want mine and my daughters pics taken here. where is it located? How long in advanve do you need to

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    Where is this located at?

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