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I believe that Patsy Cline (sung whole heartedly and at full volume) can cure heartache, that dark chocolate plays a fundamental role in the well-being of the planet, and that the ocean is where it’s at.

I am 100% certain that the right pair of shoes can damn well be magical, even if they make my feet hurt like hell.

trust that as long as I operate from a place of gratitude and generosity that they universe will have my back.

know that I often find my gurus in the strangest places and I’m always wondering who will be my next teacher.

I love the deliciousness of possibility.  Every single second something magical just might happen.  It blows my mind just thinking about it.

I believe that skinny dipping the pounding surf of the cold Atlantic ocean should be a mandatory rite of passage for anyone experiencing the blahs.


This Virgo:

Brings order from chaos, saving the world one tupperware drawer at a time.

Loves to learn, even when I’m the teacher.

Will talk up my chicken, compost bin and raised garden bed blueprints to anyone who will listen

Will one day finish the awesome backyard fort complete with deck, bridge and swing.  One day.

Thinks power tools are cool.

Loves to make gifts look pretty, creased and neatly tied.

Values honesty, integrity and a good reality check once in a while

That’s us. Jeanette + Mary. Together we believe in:

Social responsibility, green living and that simple kindness can change the world.  {Backyard chickens are cool, and karma is beautiful, baby}.

The artist inside all of us – including you  {some of us just need a gentle nudge and a road map back to the creative force left behind in childhood}.  Dig out the paints and glitter darling – and get down with your creative selves.

Beauty. Beauty in EVERYONE.   This world is full of crazy, insane, blow-our-minds beautiful people (mind and spirit, body and soul), and we have to pinch ourselves because we’re lucky enough get to show so many just how beautiful they are.

{Let us show you}