Reserve Your Wedding:

We love our wedding clients.  Love them.    In fact, we think they are so dang cool that we like to devote oodles of time to them, and give them the very best possible service from the moment they hire us until well after their images and albums are delivered.

Because we have not yet figured out how to clone ourselves {or expand the day beyond 24 hours} we accept a limited number of weddings per year, and only rarely more than one per month {although on occasion bribery has pushed us to two}.

Our wedding calendar is usually filled at least a year in advance, especially during prime wedding season – so it’s probably a good idea to get in touch as soon as you can take your eyes off that shiny ring on your finger!  Drop us a line, say hello, we’d love to meet for coffee or wine and get to know you.

PS: We’re total suckers for a good love story – make sure you tell us yours.