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Did you miss me?

Jeanette LeBlanc Photography

Things we know for sure:
1. I am not the most prolific, reliable or regular blogger.
2. I have developed a solid pattern of occasionally making a damn good show, apologizing profusely, spewing lots of promises and posting a series of posts, only to inevitably sink back into obscurity before you’ve even gotten used to having me around.
3. I also have an unhealthy attachment to run-on sentences (see above). This is not necessarily related to this blog post – but important nonetheless.
4. I have, in the past, practiced a ridiculous level of avoidance with any task that even remotely approaches self-promotion.
5. This includes blogging, maintaining our facebook page and marketing of any sort.
6. All of the above are important for the maintenance and continued growth of a photography business.
7. Clearly I’ve got a few kinks to work out.

But guess what?  Enough of that.  2012 is the year to work out those kinks.  We’ve had big shifts occurring behind the scenes for the past year  – and although change often occurs slower than we’d like – it’s definitely occurring.   We are learning and growing and refining our purpose and passion, and our focus has shifted in a big way.  Our work has shifted in a big way.  Our plans for the future have shifted in a big way.  And because we’re also quite over the starving artist myth, we are going to have to knock that whole ‘self-promotion makes us skeevy’ thing into oblivion so that we can share it all with you very soon.

In the meantime, I need to push myself back into blogging.  We’ve got a few years worth of sessions, most of which have never been shared.  Beautiful women, beautiful couples, beautiful families.  We’ve been involved in some crazy cool collaborative shoots with fiercely talented individuals.   Our photography has been published on some fantastic blogs and recognized in a respected magazine.   And for the most part, all of this all exists only on my hard drive and the random to-do lists that clutter my desk.   Instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, or the new iteration of this company to be launch-ready, or for the perfect assistant to appear out of the blue with a razor sharp mind, a love of marketing and piles and piles of dark chocolate to feed me when I’m stressed – I just need to begin.

You see – I’ve convinced myself over the years that if I can’t post absolute perfection I shouldn’t post at all.  That every one of my clients deserve a hand-written and personalized story to go with their images.  That every single post had to showcase the wholeness and heart of every session. That I couldn’t post anything until all the new changes were 100% ready to be put into effect. That nothing less that perfect would ever do.  And that has kept me frozen in place.  Always waiting for enough time, or the exact right inspiration, or for all the changes to be in place (or that imaginary assistant to knock on my door).

So yes we’ve got big changes coming – and they are not quite ready to share.  And yes, I’ll probably always need nagging and encouragement and of course – self-promotion still makes me feel a little icky.  But I’m working on it, because I have to and because I want to.  Because I really, really believe in the work we are going to be doing, and I want you to know about it.  So, I begin with baby steps.  An intention to blog all these archived shoots, to celebrate the beauty of my clients and their families and their lives.  A desire to combine words and photography into something that I  feel passionate enough about that blogging (and all other forms of self-promotion) become automatic and fulfilling instead of a chore to be avoided.

I could use a cheerleader or two along the way.  I’ve got some pretty entrenched habits to change.  I’m also easily distracted by shiny things and dark chocolate, so clearly I could use your help.  Are you with me?

Tell me – what necessary things do you avoid?  Does your perfectionism get in the way of your productivity?  Have you managed to change your habits and get back on track?  Do YOU need a cheerleader? 

And please – if you have a moment, check out our new Facebook Page.  We’ve posted our upcoming travel dates, will announce promotions and contests and will begin sharing more photos there as well.  Stop by and say hi – we’d love to hear from you.

2010 Holiday Mini-Sessions at The Boojum Tree

Phoenix Holiday Portraits at The Boojum Tree

Our 2010 mini-sessions are quickly approaching – and as of today we have only two available spots left.  Mini Sessions are only held a few times a year, and are a great way to create beautiful images , without breaking your holiday budget.   Please contact us right away to reserve your spot.!

We have had several inquiries from interested parties who cannot attend this Friday session –  if interest is high enough, we may be able to squeeze in another weekend date prior to the holidays.   If you are interested, please contact us right away so we can add you to our waiting list.

The particular vulnerability of standing on stage in a see-through dress (or: where I’ve been).

images from phoenix fashion photographer Jeanette LeBlanc


Blogging after a three month hiatus feels a little bit like walking onto a big open stage, blinding floodlights making it impossible to see more than two feet in front of you.  You’ve got no idea if you’re playing to a full house of crazed fans or if your entire audience consists of three random misfits who’ve wandered in off the street by accident.  Plus, you’re not even sure the microphone works, and you’re slightly worried that the spotlights are rendering your new dress transparent.  Nerve-wracking stuff.

{uncomfortable pause while she tentatively clears throat and taps microphone}

Is anybody there?


Six weeks away from home and business made the last month and a half so busy I couldn’t tell up from down.  So I did the only thing I could do –  I sat down at my computer and turned into a mad editing machine.  Six weeks later, I was beginning to hear mutterings, sotto voce, from kind people who feared surgical intervention might be necessary to extricate mouse from hand and butt from office chair.

“seriously.  she’s been there for three days.  straight.  i think she got up once to pee. her eyes look a little…crazy.  do you think she’s alright?”

Whatevs people.  Small price to pay, I say.  I finally finished last Friday at 2:47pm.  Every client, every personal project, every friend freebie, every volunteer commitment.


The relief I feel even makes up for the fact I’ve developed a slight twitch and that my posture makes me bear a faint resemblance to this guy.

I think I need an assistant.


We’ve established (plenty-o-times) that as a regular-writer-of-blogs, I’m a little lacking.  It’s not that I forget you, dear audience, it’s just that I want to give you nothing but 100% unadulterated awesomeness with every single post, and I fall into the trap of assuming that I can’t live up to my own expectations.   I go about my days with that nagging feeling that there is something else I’m supposed to be doing, occasionally flogging myself for ignoring you for so long.  At least once a week I silently vow that I’m going to magically transform into a power-blogging-rockstar, and life with never be the same.

Any day now…


In the meantime (while we await magical rockstar transformation), since I have your attention – let me use this time to catch you up on a little housekeeping…

2010 Portraits:
For portrait photographers, the fall is always the busiest time of the year.   We have a few dates available for full sessions between now and our holiday ordering deadline at the end of November – but spots are booking up quickly.  If you’ve been considering scheduling your portrait session this fall, now is definitely the time to book.  Contact us and we’ll find the perfect time and location for your portraits so that you can have your order in time to send out holiday cards and gifts.

Holiday Mini Sessions:
This year holiday mini sessions are available for a half day only, at an incredible location.  We’ll be setting up shop at The Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens on Friday October 29th, and there are currently only 5 open spots available. Mini sessions are 30 minute sessions and ideal for families, couples or individuals.  If you’d like to book a mini-session please contact us and we’ll send you all the necessary details to reserve your spot.

Boudoir, Baby:
One unfortunate impact of the insanity that was August 2010 was that the boudoir marathon had to be rescheduled. I took a day or two off (or maybe it was six weeks) and came back to find that every single weekend in August and September was booked – which put a wrench in our boudoir extravaganza plans.  We switched gears and are planning to hold the sessions at the beginning of the year, just in time to surprise someone with the Valentines gift that really does keep on giving.  Sign up below for updates and more details when the time gets closer.



Cliff Notes Version (for those whose eyes glazed over skimming through the above self-indulgent ramblings and just because i really love lists).

  1. I got way busy.
  2. Then I became a super-duper-highly-effective-superhuman-editing-machine.
  3. This was effective, but made me look like Quasimodo.
  4. Plus I ignored my blog. again.
  5. I can tell you are shocked.
  6. But one day I’ll unleash my awesomeness, and I’ll blog every single day for eight years straight and you’ll be amazed.
  7. Seriously.
  8. We’re pretty booked for the rest of the fall – but we want you to have amazing portraits for the holidays. Because we’re nice like that. So drop us a line. It will definitely help if you bribe me with chocolate.
  9. If you’re as busy as we are, you might want to consider our crazy-amazing-great-for-busy-people mini-sessions. Get in touch and we’ll hook you up.
  10. The Boudoir Marathon got postphoned. But never fear.  We’ve got you covered (or uncovered, as the case may be).  Holla, and we’ll keep you posted.
  11. I checked, and my dress was totally NOT see-through.  Whew.

Announcing: Summer 2010 Boudoir Marathon

phoenix boudoir photography by Jeanette LeBlanc

It’s all about feeling beautiful.  Feeling powerful.  Feeling sexy.  Stepping into yourself as a woman and being confident enough to own your sensual, sexual, divine, goddess self.

It can be raw and real, soft and pretty, raunchy and racy, bold and artistic. It can be red patent leather heels and black fishnet stockings, or it can be saucy 1940’s pin-up.  You can be feminine and innocent in lacy pastels, or rock out your inner biker chick with a leather vest and bad-ass boots.   You can be perfectly beautiful everyday you, or you can channel that inner rockstar who has been patiently waiting for just the right opportunity to show herself.  Silverscreen glamor girl or downtown diva.  Fredrick’s of Hollywood or La Perla?  Artsy, grainy black and white?  Bright, vibrant, rich color?   All of the above?  You decide.

Tuck your boudoir album into your husband’s suitcase to surprise him on a long business trip.  Gather your besties with lots of giggles and a bottle of champagne for courage and toast your fabulous single life. Give your girlfriend an anniversary gift she’ll always remember.  Keep your images under your pillow and pull them out when you need a reminder of just how fabulous and incredible you really are.

Yes, right now you might be nervous.  You might feel intimidated.  You might be thinking that you just need five fewer pounds or perkier boobs, or a just a little less muffin top.  You might be focused on all the things that you’ve always told yourself need fixing.  And that makes sense.  We don’t live in a world that celebrates real women.

But guess what, your boudoir session is about celebrating you.  Perfectly real, perfectly fabulous, perfectly perfect YOU.

Yes, we’ll make sure you have the perfect outfits, and a divine hair and make-up artist to make you red-carpet ready.  We’ll take care of booking a uber-cool hotel room to provide a stylish backdrop, and you’ll get a sexy little album with some killer photographs.  But in the end, the one thing that will make this a day you’ll always remember is how you feel when you walk away.

I guarantee that we’ll make you comfortable.  We’ll make you laugh.  We’ll make you see yourself in a whole new light.  I promise you’ll leave feeling beautiful and powerful and sexy beyond belief.

Your boudoir session can be whatever you want it to be – because it’s all about you.  Your comfort level.  Your style.  Your beauty. Your amazing, awe-inspiring self.

Trust me.

{We’re in the early stages of planning our very first Boudoir Marathon for September of 2010. Along with hair and makeup artist Meghan Reese, we’ll be booking a limited number of boudoir sessions at one of Phoenix’s top hotels over a two-day period in early September. Sign up below to be added to our mailing list and get priority placement and an exclusive bonus when we open up for booking}



Nova Scotia Bound: T-minus five days (and counting).

Snapshot of Photographer Jeanette LeBlanc in 2009 - Cheverie Nova Scotia{Snapshot of me on the beach in Cheverie, Summer 2009.  My camera rarely leaves me when I’m in Nova Scotia, everywhere I look there is a photograph waiting to be made}

So – we fly out next Tuesday morning.


I’ve done some rough figuring tonight and by my estimation in the next five days I must:

Edit at least four full sessions each day + complete all outstanding client orders + schedule six-weeks’ worth of blog posts + wake up at 5am to shoot crazy awesome bridal shoot with team of fabulous peeps + attend  1 n 10 overnight lock-in +pack for six week trip to location with unpredictable weather + find a dress and shoes for my sister’s wedding + get house ready for house sitter + write promised article for popular photography blog + plan August bridal shoot with Alex + schedule August engagement shoot with new wedding client +pay bills in advance so utilities still operational when we return + find passports and Canadian ATM cards +try my damnedest to squeeze in Cicely’s maternity shoot+ to  totally and completely freak out + remain calm, cool and collected at all times.

And it should be easy-peasy.  As long as I don’t stop to eat, or sleep, or breathe too often.

I can’t decide if my mantra should be “Calgon, take me away” or “Serenity Now”.  Or maybe I’ll just mutter a stream of constant obscenities under my breath for the next 120 hours.  {120 hours!  That sounds like far shorter than five days has any right to sound!}  I might look crazy, but I think it will make me feel better.

That being said – come Tuesday morning when the plane lifts off the ground, I’m going to be one happy girl, for many reasons.

  1. It is never (ever. ever. ever) 110 degrees in Nova Scotia.  Ever.  Because 110 degrees is just stupid.
  2. My mama still lets me sit on her lap. And she bakes me cookies.
  3. I get to see my nephew!  And my brothers and sister and cousins! And Sweet Salty Kate!
  4. I’m going to be in a wedding, for the first time in my almost 35 years.  You may think this is lame, but I finally feel as if I have truly arrived.  I AM someone, dammit.
  5. I’m going home.  To a place where I am rooted, sheltered, and loved.  To a place where the tune of the world (the sound of the wind whispering through the trees and the waves crashing on the beach and the insects buzzing in the air and the frogs croaking in the pond) is as familiar to me as the sound of my own heartbeat.  I am going to a place where my ancestors worked and lived and loved for generations.   I’m going home.
  6. Ketchup Chips.  Need I say more?

Before I sign off (and go back to freaking out…see above) a few housekeeping notes {Email me directly for more info on any of the items below}.

Nova Scotia Photography Sessions:

I’ll be in NS from June 22nd till August 3rd – however the majority of the sessions will be scheduled for early –mid July. There are still a few spots available for Nova Scotia Sessions, but space is going fast. Sessions are planned for Halifax and for Cheverie, but travel to other parts of NS is available if you are willing to cover a travel fee.

Summer 2011 Weddings (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI):

I am also currently booking weddings for summer 2010 in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Any couple who books their wedding before July 15th will receive a free engagement session this summer, and a coffee table style guest book for their wedding. Refer your friends and when they book their wedding you’ll earn $50 toward your portrait session!

Photography Mentorships and Learning Groups:

Based on request I am also opening up a limited number of days for one-on-one workshops and small learning groups for beginner to intermediate photographers. These will be informal learning opportunities, completely customized to the needs of those attending. For more information and pricing, please contact me directly.

Model Shoots:

I hope to schedule a limited number of model shoots in both Halifax and Cheverie, for both personal projects and as a part of my mentor sessions. If you are interested in modeling, or providing hair, makeup or wardrobe styling – drop me a line and let me know!

Mwah darlings – must run.  It’s 2: 55 am and there’s still more work to do!