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First Friday Style Exhibit March 4 2011: Day|Twelve Gallery

At the beginning of 2010 I set myself some personal goals.  They weren’t resolutions, mind you, that would be far too cheesy.  And kittens – just so you know – I would never dream of being cheesy.

Just five simple goals, ten words total.

The first one of the list was a single word:


When we neared the end of the year and that one particular goal didn’t seem to be materializing I shrugged it off.  Figured I’d just slide it over into the 2011 column, all casual like so nobody would notice.  No biggie – it happens.

And then, somewhere between Turkey Day and Auld Lang Syne I got an email from Alex Evjen (the genius behind Ave Styles) who invited me to be a part of The Phoenix First Friday Art Exhibit on  March 4th (that’s tomorrow peeps!) at Day|Twelve – an incredible gallery space in downtown Phoenix.

So what, it wouldn’t take place till 2011.   The invite came in 2010.  I immediately made the executive decision that this totally counted.  Mission accomplished.  Goal crossed off.


Phoenix Fashion Photographer Jeanette LeBlanc exhibits at Day|Twelve Gallery

The theme of tomorrow night’s exhibit is STYLE.   I will be featuring images from several fabulous urban fashion shoots – and joining some other incredible artists in showcasing our work.  The best part?  We are collaborating in support of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation – an organization which exists to educate and assist women in difficult life transitions.  We will be collecting pens and journals all night – these will be used by women at the foundation as they move through the program and on a path to a better future.

The portraits are chosen, the frames are hung and the gallery is ready, but the really important question remains….

What the heck am I going to wear?!*

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Place: 812 2nd Avenue,Phoenix, AZ 85003
*Parking is available across from the gallery and on the street.

Check out our Facebook invite,  and share with your friends. The official event  flier can also be downloaded.

**Send me some style inspiration – if I choose your suggestion (or something close to it) for Friday night, I’ll send you a $25 gift card to use towards your next session or print order!

Featured: Southwestern Bride

A few months ago (which translates to about 857 years in internet time, if you’re counting) I was thrilled to be contacted by the fine folks at Southwestern Bride (the wedding guide for the modern Southwest Bride).  They wanted to feature my bridal session from the incredible Scottsdale wedding venue the Boojum Tree.  Of course I was tickled pink and flattered as all heck*, so I said yes right away.

Boojum Tree Scottsdale Wedding Photography

Southwestern Bride is an awesome wedding resource for Phoenix brides, as it focuses solely on weddings in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – so  you’ll be sure to find lots of area (and climate!) appropriate ideas and inspiration.   If you are planning a wedding in Phoenix, make sure you check out this website!    And while you’re in the planning stages, take the time to visit The Boojum Tree – it’s an oasis in the middle of the desert, with beautiful light and countless tucked away spots for private moments (and amazing photos)!

From the Boojum Tree Website:

Boojum Tree is Arizona’s most unique and exotic wedding, reception and corporate event destination.  While you enjoy your stroll through our property, you’ll be in awe of the thousands of tropical plants, multiple water features and our new Palm Forest.  Imagine your special day in our hidden gardens.

From the Southwestern Bride Blog:

“The Southwestern U.S. is a unique mixture of colors, tastes and textures that sets itself apart from anywhere else in the world. It is a land of enchantment, adventure and the spirit of days gone by. It is also an area of thriving cities and the perfect blend of contemporary and classic styles.

Southwestern Bride celebrates this area and was created as a resource for brides in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that would give them access to the very best professionals the Southwest has to offer them.”

*Yes, although I am now a big city girl, I sometimes slip up a talk like a country bumpkin.  I also two-step (and I’m not ashamed to admit it).

Featured | Swatchbook Weddings | Phoenix Wedding Photography

It was such a delightful surprise to discover that the lovely Angela of Swatchbook Weddings – a Phoenix-based wedding invitation design firm –  had featured my bridal shoot at the amazing Phoenix wedding venue the Boojum Tree on her  blog.

Jeanette LeBlanc Photography featured on Swatchhbook Weddings Blog

We connected on Twitter and Facebook and then discovered, by total coincidence, that we already had clients in common.  Angela just happened to be the designer Andrea and Andrew had chosen for their beautiful yellow, white and grey wedding invitations.

Jeanette LeBlanc Photography featured on Swatchhbook Weddings Blog

Here is a closer look at the fabulous invitations:

Wedding Invitation designed by Angela at Swatchbook Weddings

Make sure you add the Swatchbook Weddings blog to your RSS reader – Angela posts all kinds of inspiration, from jewelry to makeup to photography – not to mention samples of her amazing designs – and my favorite feature Tuesday Shoes-day (seriously – check out this weeks shoes.  I’m not getting married, but I so need those)!