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Rachel and Zhen’s Engagement: Part Two {Arizona Desert Picnic}


He asked her, on bended knee, just as the sun was setting on a desert mountaintop.  It was just a month after they met and she wondered what on earth had taken him so long.  No – it wasn’t a mad dash romance – he got down on one knee to ask her to be his girlfriend.  Who could possibly resist that sort of old fashioned romance?

Certainly not Rachel.

And that was just the beginning.  They’ve got big dreams, of a life on the east coast in a Victorian house near the ocean, and the family they plan on creating together.  They “argue and make up.  Bicker and smile. Fight over the remote control and love each other unconditionally”.   Zhen says he’ll love her until his teeth fall out, and Rachel crosses her fingers and says she hopes he doesn’t take up hockey anytime soon.

And so it goes – with humor and solidarity and a dash of adventure  – Rachel and Zhen love one another in a way that defies label or definition.  It just is.

And we are glad to have been a part of it.

Phoenix Desert Engagement Portraits
Arizona Desert Engagement Portraits
Phoenix Engagement Portraits - Desert Picnic
Arizona Picnic Engagement Shoot
Desert Picnic Engagement Portraits
Picnic Engagement Portraits - Desert Picnic

Part One of Rachel and Zhen’s engagement Shoot – Young Love, Urban Style
{also coming soon – their fab Inspirador Wedding} 

Flaunt Your Rock – A National Engagement Contest

Phoenix Arizona Wedding Photography Contest

Valentines Day has come and gone, but LOVE is definitely still in the air!

Did you recently ask the girl (or boy) of your dreams to marry you and want the world to join you on cloud nine?  Did you just get engaged and are beaming with pride over the shiny ring on your finger?  Want to flaunt it some more? In honor of all the love Jeanette LeBlanc Photography is holding a contest for you newly engaged love birds.

What do you get for flaunting that shiny ring? The winner will receive a full engagement session and a $100 print credit ($400 value). In addition the winners of each local Flaunt Your Rock contest will be placed in a national contest to win a grand prize worth more than $450. The grand prize includes custom invites from Paper and Ink Studio, a wedding cake topper from Goose Grease, a custom clutch from Clutch That and a wedding accessory from Little White Chapel Accessories!

Of course, if you know me, you’ll know I like to throw my own little twist into everything.  So let’s be totally clear:

This contest is:

  • All about creativity.  You’re gonna have to think outside the box and show me your personality.  You get two images and 140 characters to set yourself apart, so work it – you fabulous lovebirds, you.
  • Totally inclusive – younger couples, older couples, second time around couples, same sex couples, tattooed and mohawk-ed couples, sit on the couch and watch reality TV couples…all are welcome and encouraged to enter.

This contest is not:

  • About who has the biggest, shiniest or most expensive ring.  If you got your engagement ring from a gumball machine but you can show it off in your own divine style – you just might win.

What You Gotta Do:

  • Fill out the entry form completely and send it in with all required information on or before midnight March 5th, 2010. (Engaged Couples Only)
  • Submit : One photograph of your ring & one photograph of yourselves*.  Have fun with this.  You can certainly submit the cheesy headshot from your Great Aunt Edna’s 65th birthday party, but I’ll give you extra points if you get creative with it.  Images don’t have to be perfect, and they don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera (rock your iphone if you wanna).  Just be you, and I’m sure to fall in love.
  • Tell me your love story, Twitter style.  I’ve given you a whole 140 characters with which to share your happily ever after.  Choose your words wisely.  Write in rhyme if you want.  Or in French.  Just be sincere, and I promise I’ll be impressed.
  • Encourage all of your friends and family to vote for you. Facebook it.  Tweet it.  Send snail mail post cards to your entire graduating class.  The ring with the most votes wins!

*please do not submit images taken by another professional photographer.  You must own full rights to all submitted photographs.  Images taken by a professional photographer will be disqualified.

All submissions must be received by midnight March 5th, 2010.

The Fine Print:
The contest winner will be determined by public vote.  Although there are many different voting methods available, public vote was determined to be the best option for this contest.  If this option is not a good fit for you, we respectfully accept your decision to decline participation.  We will also actively monitor IP addresses and voting participation to ensure fair and reliable results.  We reserve the right to disqualify any entry or vote that appears to be suspicious.

All participants must agree to sign a model release allowing images to be displayed on Jeanette LeBlanc Photography’s blog. Winning participants must sign a release allowing images taken by Jeanette LeBlanc Photography to be displayed on web site, blog, Facebook and print advertising sources. Participants must also agree to all standard Terms & Conditions of Jeanette LeBlanc Photography

Regular session terms and conditions apply.

We require an electronically marked consent that you are entering this contest voluntarily and that Jeanette LeBlanc Photography is not promising any winnings or other compensation for participation.

Entries will be judged by a panel of photographers who will narrow down the selection to 3 rings. The finalists will be posted on Jeanette LeBlanc’s blog and the winner will be chosen via a public voting poll. Voting will occur between March 7-March 13, 2010. There are specific rules around voting that will be clarified during the voting round of the contest.

Winners will be announced on March 15th, 2010. Winning session must take place between March 22-May 1st.

Session will take place within metropolitan Phoenix.  Travel outside of the immediate Phoenix area will be subject to additional travel fees.

Don’t live in the Phoenix area? Have friends across the country? Check out these photographers who have Flaunt Your Rock contests running in other cities!


Boise, Idaho: Lucid Deisgn and Photo
Boston, Massachusetts: Helen Makadia Photography
Denver, Colorado: Keri Doolittle Photography
Columbia, Missouri: Ashley Turner Photography
Seattle, Washington: Susan of Whimsical Photo Design
Philadelphia and Main Line, Pennsylvania: April Ziegler Photography
Grand Rapids, Michigan: K. Holly Studios
Spokane, Washington: Cameron Glass Photography
Phoenix, Arizona: Jeanette LeBlanc Photography
Ft. Smith, Arkansas: Beaty Photography
San Jose, California: V and J Photography
Tampa/St. Petersburg: Stephanie Smith Photography


Edmonton/Vancouver Canada: Jen Williams Photographer
Fort McMurray/Northern Alberta: Leslie Brown Photography
Powell River BC/Vancouver Island: Jennifer Kennedy
Central Interior, BC: Andrea Blair Photography
Langley, BC: Cathy Empey Photography


Whew! Now that all of that is over, click on this link to enter the  Flaunt Your Rock Contest!