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Just the facts…

Things I know for sure

  1. I am the worst blogger ever. Period. End of story.
  2. I would apologize and say I’m going to change.  But I might not probably won’t, and I’d hate to tell you a lie.
  3. I’ve been so busy my head is spinning, but holiday order deadline is almost here so I’ll be coming up for air soon.
  4. My family will be VERY glad to have me back.
  5. I’ve got the coolest, most beautiful, utterly stylish,  totally inspirational, utterly incredible clients in the world.
  6. They make it worth staring at the computer for hours upon hours at a time.
  7. I’m a photographer. I get to pay my bills with my camera.  How cool is that? I still get giddy thinking about it.
  8. Big changes ahead in 2010 – a new assistant, studio manager, new products, new partnerships, new direction.  Watch out Phoenix – ya’ll should stay tuned.  Seriously.
  9. It’ll probably be June by the time I get around to blogging about it, unless you nag me.
  10. Life is good.  Very good.

And since no blog post is complete without pictures, here’s just a bit of what has kept me busy over the past few months.  Check these out, and then re-read #5 above….see what I mean?

This family was amazing!  I was so in love with these girls!

Phoenix Family Photography

Little girls in pink rain boots…. Who wouldn’t be utterly charmed?

Phoenix Child Photography

Um…so I probably don’t have to tell you that I was totally giddy when I saw this one.  Did a little happy dance…for reals.

Phoenix Engagement Photography

Happy Mama-baby shots always make me smile.

Phoenix Family Photography

Ah, baby Max….I melt.

Phoenix Newborn Photography

A beautiful bride in a vintage phone booth at an incredible location….What more could any photographer want?

Phoenix Wedding Photography

These kids were a RIOT.  The first year of my annual summer Nova Scotia Photography Sessions (yes – I’m a Snow Bird….once the temp gets over 100 degrees…I am OUTTA here!)

Katie and Alex

Oh, sweet little Lucy – those lips…those eyes, and a rare quiet moment.

Phoenix Kids Photography

My wee nephew Hayden.  I miss him so much!

Phoenix Newborn Photography

Tamara rocks her urban maternity photography session in downtown Glendale… so much fun!

Phoenix Maternity Photography

I love kids.  The sillier and goofier the better.  Alex and I got along wonderfully :)

Phoenix Child Photography

This wedding at the Anthem Country Club was so beautiful.  Thanks to Keri Doolittle for inviting me to second shoot!

Phoenix Wedding Photography

Phoenix Senior PhotographyPhoenix Family PhotographyPhoenix Engagement PhotographyPhoenix Newborn Photography