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Rachel and Zhen’s Engagement: Part One {Downtown Phoenix Urban Shoot}

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Your people.  The ones who really get you – what you do and who you are.  Your people are excited about your art, mad for your talent and down with your ways of being in the world.  And you get them right back.  It’s a smokin’ kind of kismet and the best sort of magic-making.

Sometimes you just know immediately when you meet someone who will become one of your people. We love those moments – live for them.

Rachel first connected with us via Facebook and we knew from the moment she described herself and her fiancé as “a little kooky, quirky, artsy, modern, contemporary, cute”  that we were going to get fabulously.   From that first email it was official – she was one of our peeps.

And it was a perfect match.  Rachel and Zhen don’t take themselves too seriously, they have a great sense of style and individuality and most importantly, they know how to have fun.  This engagement shoot was a blast – we began in the grungy alleyways of downtown Phoenix and then headed up north to an abandoned desert hideaway for a private picnic.

And along the way we laughed.  And we schemed.  And we planned.  And we got silly. Zhen and Rachel were game for anything and so seriously in love that if we hadn’t already been smitten, we would have been head over heels by the end of the shoot.

Zhen and Rachel – they’re our people.  And we plan on keeping them.

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{Stay tuned next week for Part Two of this shoot – and for Rachel and Zhen’s incredible Inspirador Wedding}