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Lets Dance!

Many, many moons ago (in a land far, far away) I was a dancer.  Ballet.  Jazz.  Musical Theater….it was a huge part of my life.  It’s been a long, long time since my last curtain call – but the world of dance will always hold a special place in my heart.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to be a part of a fashion shoot inspired by the growing trend for dance inspired clothing, hair and makeup.

By now almost everyone has seen the blockbuster film The Black Swan.  Dance inspired fashion had already been gaining visibility, with ballerina buns, leggings and tights popular with fashionistas everywhere.  The release of the Oscar Nominated film moved the style solidly into the mainstream.

The combination of poise and elegance with simplicity and comfort personified by dance clothing (and dancers themselves) was the inspiration for my third collaboration with Phoenix’s very own fashionista, stylist Alex Evjen of AVE Styles.  This shoot was initially conceived back in the fall (kudos to Alex for being ahead of the trends and predicting what was to come) but had to be rescheduled recently because of busy holiday schedules. We were all so excited when the planets finally aligned on a date when everyone was free to do the shoot.

Clothing for the shoot was provided by The Willows Home and Garden, a local luxury home and lifestyle boutique.  Hair Stylist Extraordinaire Kim Cornwell of Triple Threat Studios was on hand to provide her take on ballerina-inspired hair, and the multi-talented Alex took care of model Jennifer’s makeup (LOVE the smoky eyes)!   We shot at the always fabulous Tempe Center For the Arts, which provided the perfect urban backdrop for our shoot.

Undeniable Facts

Several Undeniable Facts (just in case you were wondering)…..

Undeniable fact #1: I get to take pictures of the most beautiful people.  Crazy good-looking, fashion model-gorgeous, upside down and backwards amazing.

Undeniable fact #2: I love my job. (like, so much that it makes me a ‘lil giddy from time to time).

Undeniable fact #3: Numbers 1 and 2 are unmistakeably related.

Undeniable fact #4: Fashion photography is my most favorite-est thing.  Being a fashion photographer rocks, especially when it happens in downtown Phoenix (see #4)

Undeniable fact #5: My muse lives downtown.  Not the pretty part of downtown either.  She’s at home in the gritty, dirty spots that most people pass by.  In the alleys and forgotten doorways,  by the dumpsters, around abandoned corners of broken down buildings.  That’s where my art finds me.

Undeniable fact #6:
Did I mention the beautiful people thing?  It bears repeating.  Holy hell folks – just look at her!

fashion photography in downtown Phoenix, ArizonaHair and Makeup styled by the amazing Meghan Reese.  If you want to do a fashion photo shoot (or you just want to channel your inner fashion model – Meghan is your girl).  She’ll make you look red carpet ready in no time!