Is there a story that calls to your heart? A story that longs to be told?

How long have you been waiting to tell your story?

Not a week (rarely a day) goes by when I don’t hear from someone out there in this wild world of ours, someone just like you. Someone with a regular, ordinary, mundane life. Someone with joy and bliss and heartache and grief. Someone with trauma and fear. Someone struggling against demons. Someone determined to rise.

Every single one of these someones has a story. Every single one of these stories has value. 

And every single one of these someones has one thing in common.

They want - they deeply long - to tell their stories. 

Somewhere deep inside there is a pulse of desire. A kernel of an idea. A sweet and lingering pull toward the blank pages of the journal, the blinking cursor in the word doc, the empty spaces waiting to be filled. Sometimes just to the very idea that somewhere inside of them lives a story worth telling, a story someone might one day want to hear. A story that could matter, that could change things. A story that could delight or distract or make someone on their darkest nights feel just a little less alone.

Maybe even a story that could save.

It’s time to write that story.

A 30-day journey to help you rediscover your deepest truths. 
Write your way wild.
Write your way free.
Write your way home.

Are YOU a Wild Heart Writer?

If you find yourself nodding along to these statements, or if you feel chills along the surface of your bare skin, if that white hot pulse of truth flows through your blood - this workshop and community is made for you.

  • You are one of the wild, restless ones - rarely content to swim on the surface of things. You are meant for freedom. You long to answer the call of the wolf, to dance under the moon, to dive deep.

  • You've been feeling lost, adrift, unsure and uncertain of how you got to where you are, and how on earth to find your way back.

  • You deeply long for community, a safe space, a tribe of like-minded souls and an inspiring container in which to create. A collection of wild souls - just like you.

  • You want to be pushed further, held accountable, and encouraged to show up.

  • You've lost touch with your creative soul and need to trace the path back.

  • You've got a bad case of writer's block - and want it to go the hell away.

  • You've always told yourself and others 'but-i'm-not-a-writer' even though you know deeply that you are called to the story of things.

  • You know, right at your core, that you are meant for more than the constraints of your current reality. That there is something waiting to be born.

30 days | 30 Questions | Wildly Supportive Community | $97

What People Are Saying...

unbind your wild and write yourself free.

It was late one night a few years ago. I poured the whiskey and lit the candles. I called the muse in all the ways I know how. Still the words did not come. It had been a long week and a long month and a long, long year. A year of relentless movement and frustrated searching. A year of separation from self and purpose.

I was disembodied, feeling lost and as far as I could possibly be from the root of myself. Trapped and constrained. Exhausted and overwhelmed. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten who I was.

So I started with what I knew, which was everything I didn't know.  I began with the questions, the missing pieces, the empty spaces begging to be filled. And then, I realized, these questions had a much bigger purpose.

For me.  And for you.

"If you have no desire to be brave. If you are too afraid to stand naked in the moonlight. If words on a page have never made you swoon. Then under no circumstance should you ever take a course from Jeanette. If, on the other hand, you suspect that your voice is a butterfly trapped in the cage of your heart, then you have no choice but to run as fast as you can towards her. And if that is the case, consider yourself warned. She will change you. "

Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Author of 'Waking Up At Rembrandts' and 'love jaywalks' 

The questions in this course are questions designed to get you writing. To move you out of your comfort zone and push you deeper into yourself, into the wilderness within. To get you writing honestly about where you have been, where you want to be, what you need and desire. When you are done, you will have traced a path to yourself. You will become more familiar with speaking your needs, and following the lines of desire that live in your bones. You will bravely explore your boundaries and learn from your memories.  You will claim space for your grief and ignite your joy. You will find you have written your way back to your own wild heart. The way back home to yourself.  You will own your reality and lay claim to your boundaries. You will learn the power of coming clean and speaking truth. When we live from the center of our own wild hearts we begin to inhabit space in a whole new way. And from that space of truth, anything is possible.  In love. In work. In all of life.

Won't you join me on a trip into the wild?  Into YOUR wild.

"This course is for anyone who wants to tap into their realness through words and let their voice come to life as a portal for personal healing, wild expression, or professional inspiration. We all have a story to tell, let it be lovingly drawn out of you through adventurous prompts, wholehearted encouragement, and delightful community support. If you have ever wanted your wild expression to grow and thrive, Jeanette brings her magic, mentorship and modeling to ensure that your stories, your voice, your words do just that. With Jeanette's course I created pieces I love that wouldn't have been possible without the prompting and encouragement of her vision and the group she gathered. 

~Tulasi Adeva
Rock Your Juicy Life

What is included:

  • 30-day email course

    Each day you'll receive an email containing a mix of writing, prompts, and occasional videos and audio recordings as a deeper invitation into the day's question.

  • Beautifully designed PDF Magazine

    Featuring compelling imagery and questions designed to guide and unleash your voice, as well as plenty of blank space to write your truth.

  • Write the path to your heart

    More important than all the rest, these questions are meant to be the beginning of many things, an unleashing of voice, a speaking of truth, a liberation of desire, a return to wholeness. From this wholeness, all things become possible - in life, in relationships and in business.

  • Wild Heart Writers Collective

    Become a part of the exclusive Wild Heart Writers Community. The Wild Heart Writers Collective is a private space to share your writing, and your questions, connect to other Wild Hearts and to celebrate, promote and expand the work and reach of all Wild Heart Writers. Submit your writing to be published on our Facebook page and on the Wild Heart Writers website. and have your work highlighted in our Writer Spotlights.

Rachael Maddox

"Working with Jeanette LeBlanc is deceptively simple. She shows up exactly when you need her, with the exact medicine to make everything move smoother, but with the energy of a sister or friend (no rush, only trust). It's heaven If you've got something good and you're ready to get it out there, there's no one I'd recommend more highly than Jeanette. Muse. Producer. Boss lady. Magic. "

Cherie Healy

"I tried programs of all kinds and none of them led me to my truth. When I called Jeanette and instantly felt seen, heard and so deeply supported. What Jeanette does is genius. You need a mirror. Someone who makes you feel safe enough to stop editing yourself and really speak your truth, fearlessly. She gave me the space to really be me. No one out there does this like Jeanette. Everyone should be lucky enough to have her as their mirror."

Praise for Wild Heart Writing

"I loved this course. It was the reason I woke up in the morning. No really, it was the most heart centered real, present space, so lovingly created, crafted and nurtured by Jeanette and a bunch of wild hearted writers from all over the globe brought together with a love of the written word. I highly recommend this course. It's totally totally worth it! "
Hanizan Abdul Hamid

"This course broke my heart wide open in the best, wildest, most wonderful way! i'm so grateful to have had a safe space for my words to mingle together with other wild writers, helping me find my deepest truth."
~ cheyenne

"This course was one of the best things I've done for myself in a while. It got me to dig deeper than I've been in quite some time and it was so inspiring to do it with a "tribe". 🙂 LOVED IT. LOVE JEANETTE! "
~ Claudine Sanders

"This is more than a course - this is a journey! I had no real expectations at the beginning, just a feeling. I was absolutely taken by surprise by the depth of the questions and my own thoughts. I loved sharing them and being well supported by the other members of the group. There are no boundaries or rules, any medium is appropriate. I loved using the questions as art prompts. Just awesome! "
~Heidrun Siebeneicker

"Everything about this course is worth doing - the writing, the soul work, the building of a community. It satisfies the craving for creativity & connection."
~Rebecca Rusinko

"This is a course like no other. It reaches deep within your soul. Unravels a truth long forgotten. Jeanette has a knack of asking questions that stops you in your tracks. That makes you delve deep into your heart. What comes to the surface is Clarity. Love. Truth. Honesty. Vulnerability. Strength. And ultimately Belief and Faith. The amazing support from the group was incredible. We all held space for each other. There was such an openness. Kindness. Belonging. I shall treasure this for a long time coming."
~Moni Apro

"I took this course because I was in such a tumultuous place on my personal life. There was heartbreak and new love and I needed to find out where I was in the middle of it. This community helped to support me and my words during such a difficult time. I'm blessed to be able to continue to feel that support even though the course is finished."
~Alice P.

"Jeanette gave all of herself, her wisdom, her creativity, her love and her respect to this course and the group of women who joined the course gave all of themselves back in honor of that gift. This was a beautiful giving and taking, a place of sharing, of opening, of listening and creating a sacred space for one another."
~Monique Buchanan

"If you're in the midst of soul searching or want to explore writing or looking for your voice or all of the above, you NEED to take this course. A completely life changing, eye opening and supportive experience. by Jeanette LeBlanc is a genius and the community  she attracts and builds is like none other."
~Lisa Chin

"Jeanette has such a deep, profound way with words. Every question she asked in the course stirred something way down deep inside me...called me to stop and connect with my heart and those deep down things I'd locked away so long ago. Fantastic course! Be prepared to dive deep and be amazed!! "
~Todd Jenkins

"This is a course about more than just writing. It's a course about searching for yourself. I was lost. My true self was buried so deep. I had started that journey back to self - but this course was the catalyst that I needed. I have felt more alive in these last 6 months than in the six years before that. I started reconnecting to my own wild self. I started to think again about what I wanted (and not just where I found myself). This is course is an alchemy of soul."
~Dawn Malone


Still not sure?

If you’ve been reading this without being able to look away.
If you’ve been reading this and your heart has been beating in recognition.
If you’ve been reading this and your soul is screaming, "YES. She is talking about me. She is talking TO me.”
If you’ve been reading and those loud voices are telling you it couldn’t possibly be about you.
I want you to bring yourself here with me. Right here. I want you to turn to face me and to look me in the eye. I’m going to reach out and take your hands now. Both of them. I want you to breathe with me, all the way down to your toes. And I want you to listen like you’ve never listened before.
You are here today because you have a story.
You are here today because something deep inside you knows you need to write it.
You have always known.
You may have written me before to tell me this, or you may have started to several times and stopped yourself.
You may have only told your best friend or your lover.
Or maybe you’ve never told anyone at all.
But you know, love.
You know.
You know because the words have been piling up against the levees for so long now that it’s a wonder you can hold them in.
You know because the dams have been threatening to break and to spill a flood of story.
You know because there are oceans of worlds inside you that long for nothing but the chance to finally, finally, finally taste land.
You know because it has always been this way. And you know that it always will.
And I know that this matters. That it matters more than almost anything.
And I know that there are others out there like you. Others who are waiting to tell their own story, and others that need more than anything for you to tell yours.
My work in this world is to create a space for this to be real, for you and for all the someones out there like you, Wild Heart Writers, one and all.
In just a few short weeks, a wonderful, ragtag group of someones from all across the globe will gather. We will sit around the campfire and for 30 days we will tell our stories. We will open our hearts. We will open the dams and let the waters of words flow.
And we will finally, finally get to feel what the ocean feels when it crashes on the shore, moving the entire cosmos with the force of it’s being.
Join us.
Your story is waiting for you.