Still making excuses for not writing?
It’s time to change that.

Hell yes – I’m ready to write!

Welcome To Free Your Story
A 10 day challenge designed to get you writing

Yes! I’m ready to write!
You have a story. And you know you need to write it. But you’ve got a million excuses for why you’re not writing.

You’ve got writers block. Your life is too boring and nobody would want to read. You are worried what your mom will say if you share sensitive details. Some junior high teacher red-penned your story and convinced you that you should never write again.

But here’s the thing. Deep down, you KNOW your story needs to be told. That it is important. That it has the power to help and heal.

I believe our stories are revolutionary. That our stories have the power to transcend our differences and connect us deeply.

And I believe the world needs YOUR story. 

I created this free challenge, with ten simple, yet profound, practices to move you past the excuses, into the space where words flow.

Your story is waiting. It deserves your committment – and a dedicated practice of daily writing is the very best way I know of to honor that call.

Yes! I’m ready to write!

Get ready for a deeper and more powerful writing practice.


I’m Jeanette LeBlanc. Writer. Muse. Producer.

And life-long master of creative resistance (if there is an excuse for not writing – trust me, I’ve used it).

I created this ten day free course as my gift to you – because I believe in the power of story – YOUR story. And because I know it to be the place where revolution begins.

I use each of the exercises in this course in my own writing practice, and in my work with private clients.

It is my hope that these ten simple practices will unlock the doors of your story, deepen your writing practice, and sow the seeds of revolutionary storytelling far and wide.


Free Your Story - A Free Writing Course by Jeanette LeBlanc. 10 days of simple practices to get you writing