How Do You Know If It’s Time To Write Your Book?

Tell the truth: how many times has someone told you “My god, you need to write a book”?

How many times have you thought it yourself?

How often do you lay awake at night, dreaming of seeing your words laid out on the page?

How many times have you wondered what would change if you let loose the story that has been building inside you?

How often do you wish you had the support, knowledge, and space to begin?

How deeply do you know that now is the time, even if you’re not sure what the hell to do to get started?

5 clear signs it’s time to begin your book

#1. You’ve got one hell of a story.

You’re alive and kicking after all that might have taken you out. You’ve survived the breaks and the grief and the trauma and all the messiness of living. You’ve also explored the wonder, beauty, and bliss of it all. You’ve lived, my friend, and yeah—it all makes for one hell of a story.

#2. “Dude, you should write a book”.

People have been telling you for years “damn, Jeanette, you should write a book” (except possibly anyone in your life invested in keeping you small—the absence of their voices in the course of ‘write a book, dammit” says as much as the presence of the others). But your people? They’ve been waiting to turn the pages.

#3. Words are your drug of choice.

You mainline words like they can keep you alive. Likely they have. Brave writers have been the fuel that has kept you here. You know the value of story to the collective, and deep down you know your story might be the very thing someone out there needs more than they know—that you might save a life, exactly the way yours has been saved.

#4. You’ve always been a writer.

You’ve collected inspiration and notes and ideas for years. You’ve got journals stretching back to grade school. Maybe you’ve envisioned holding your book with your name in careful serif font on the cover. Even if you’ve never admitted it, you’ve held onto this dream for a very long time.

#5. You’re ready – but you don’t know where to begin.

Despite all the want and all the knowing you still have not started. The words are piling up inside you, but it feels daunting, perhaps terrifying, at least mildly (or entirely) intimidating. You know you need help to get it all from your head and heart onto the page.

A few other key signifiers that it’s time for your book to be born:

You have a specific idea for your book or project:
This may exist only in your head, or you may have been gathering ideas, research, and snippets for years. Either way – you know what it is and you need to write it.

You are ready to invest and commit your time and energy into actually taking this project from an idea into reality.
You’re ready to outline, research, compile and write the fuck out of your story, because you’ve put this on the back burner for far too long, and it’s way past time.

You have longed for support, structure, and accountability, but held off because you didn’t know where to begin.
Good news – My new Small Group Creative Sovereignty Coaching offers a dedicated container, a lower investment than one-to-one support AND exactly what you need to kick start your trajectory into the land of Writer-With-A-Capital-W.

If any of the above resonates with you (sure signs that it does: You feel excited-terrified-wanting-to-leap-while-also-wanting-to-hide) don’t skip this part:

guarantee that if you felt the words above, not only do you have a story to tell, it IS time for you to write it (and get it out into the world).

It’s time for you to cast a vote for yourself, for your story, and for your dreams as an author.

Let’s do this.
I’ve been helping brave souls unleash their voices, stand in their truth, and shape their stories to offer to the world for over a decade.

And yes, I do it well.

Up until now, I’ve only done that in large groups and in one-on-one coaching. But after many requests, I’ve opened space for my very first intimate cohort of Small Group Creative Sovereignty Coaching.

You + me + five kindred souls will gather with me in a carefully-held container each week for six months.

We’ll begin by setting up the technology and structure we need to start creating the format and outline of your project.

We’ll create goals, accountability, and connection to help you move through the process.

You’ll have both my support and the support of your fellow writers— as well as some special guests I’ll bring in periodically—every step of the way.

This is going to be intimate, clearly defined, and powerful as fuck.

Want to find out if it’s right for you? Simply book a free 30-min Exploration Call. I can’t wait to hear what your muse has in store for the world.


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