Yes, we know, “About” pages are just about the photographers.  Which makes sense – quite frankly we’d love to think that you’re at least slightly curious about what makes us tick.  But, this time around- we decided to change things up a bit…..

Because here’s the thing, once we got to thinking about it, we realized something really important:

Without you, we wouldn’t need to have an about page in the first place.

That’s why we start off talking about the most important person in this equation…YOU!   You are the magic ingredient, the unique element, the one thing that makes every single shoot we do different from the next.  We are utterly enamored, head over heels, completely fascinated with you.

Why do we feel that way, you ask?  That part is easy…it’s because you’re you – and darling, you are FABULOUS.


{Use the links above to learn more about you+us.  Then head over to book your portrait session or reserve your wedding date, and lets get started!}