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    Are you ready for prose, poetry, and badass creative inspiration?
    I'll email weekly(ish) with words of creativity love uncommon sense. 

    I swear like a sailor, I've been called a word-witch (more than once), I believe whole-heartedly in the power of your voice,  and think words are as necessary as air. I work with humans who are seeking permission to stop seeking permission and offer programs that will get living and writing on your own terms (for reals). 

    You know you want this. 

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    3. Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, swirl, dance, rejoice, reclaim, jump, be proud, be at peace while being loud and brash, bold and too beautiful.

      Thank you Jeanette, I have met my man who see’s my too muchness and who loves it. I work in a professional finance house and at lunch time I dance my way down the river bank just outside our building and more amongst the finance heads around me as I work in a finance centre. I skip, I stretch, I praise God and just shine bright my joy and gratitude for my incredible life of love, (for Kevin, for God, for my family and true friends) abundance and the pure awesome gift of being met just as I am in my too muchness. I have found it hard to be my too muchness all the time – my time, my incredible life time and yet it is my time, our time and therefore NOW is my Life and my Love’s Life who wants me to be my full too muchness. So I must shine and be all of my too muchness in its various forms or energy as we have a sacred duty to be our too muchness with our colors, our edges, our softness, our hardness, our brightness and darkness.

      So thank you for your dedication to Love, Light, the Truth and your commitment to yourself and all of your Too Muchness – I love it and I am very grateful for your shouting it from the roof top for me and fellow ‘too muchee’s!!’ I applaud you.

      Much Love,

      Tracey (from my office desk ;-))

    4. Hi Jeanette, wanted to update you that the “contact” form is showing a “404-not-found” just underneath the love letters blurb.

    5. Hey – just about to order your books! not sure if my previous message sent – what’s important is i found you! i look forward to reading your books. Ann

    6. Hello, This is Lily, a 20-year-old Aussie with a passion for sunny shores and the excitement of exploring nature. Balancing my dynamic part-time modelling career with the pursuit of full-time studies, I embrace a life full of energy and new experiences. Living with my folks adds to my real-world perspective. Explore my journey and connect at

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