Creative Sovereignty Coaching

creative fire + your essential story = revolutionary

One-on-one mentoring for bravely seeking humans who seek permission to stop seeking permission. 

Permission to find their freedom, to embrace their wild, to shed their shame, to own their desire and the wholeness of themselves as sovereign beings. 

Permission to embrace their aliveness. To dance to the beat of a different drummer. To wander off the well-worn path and chart a course of their own becoming. 

Permission to unleash their voice, To create. To write their story. To spill the truth. To tear down crumbling paradigms. To become the whistleblower heralding in a new way. 

Humans, like you, who are ready to mine the stories of their lives and hearts for the wisdom, the autonomy, the truth (and yes, the permission) that their life has to offer. ⁠

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My work is rooted in radical permission. To own your story. To remove the masks. To shed the shame. To speak and write and live as a human sovereign unto yourself.

If you are ready for a deep dive inquiry into the truth of your heart, your body, your knowing, into the blood and bones and desire of you—it all comes down to sovereignty.

But here’s the secret of sovereignty, it is not something I can give you...

Just like Glinda The Good Witch says to Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz 

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along”.

Of course, that’s easy for Glinda to say, she floats around in a giant pink bubble and doesn’t have to deal with partners or children or employers, or worldwide pandemics. 

But if you are here on this page, I am guessing that there is something you are seeking within yourself. 

That’s where I come in.

I am here to create a container of support for you as you expand into living, writing, and evolving into the space where you can click your own ruby slippers together and finally know that you are your own home. 

Here’s how it works:

I work one-on-one as a mentor, coach, and guide with humans who are ready to reclaim their inborn sovereignty—in their writing, in their art, in their relationships, in the entirety of their lives. 

Through coaching, we will deep dive into exercises designed to assist you in clarifying the terms of your contract with yourself, with your creative projects, and in your relationships. 

When we learn to uphold our contract with ourselves (with our purpose, with our creative calling, with the truth of our being) above all others, we are not only able to stay in integrity with our souls, but we also gain essential tools to chart a path that will forever lead us back home to ourselves. 

Whether you are working with me to claim that space in your life, or you are embracing a particular creative project, our time together is designed to help you become a catalyst of permission—removing the barriers that have prevented you from claiming the wholeness that has always been waiting for you. 

I generally only open two new coaching spots per quarter. but am always available to hop on an Exploration Call. 

Ready to explore your own non-negotiables and your contract with self? 

Let’s chat. 

Book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call to learn more.

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I swear like a sailor, I've been called a word-witch (more than once), I believe whole-heartedly in the power of your voice,  and think words are as necessary as air. I work with humans who are seeking permission to stop seeking permission and offer programs that will get living and writing on your own terms (for reals). 

You know you want this.