The Nitty Gritty

All you ever wanted to know about me
(and likely a whole lot more)


Woman. Mother. Daughter. Photographer. Writer. Permission Catalyst. Creative Badass. Inspirationalist. Muse. Poet. Wannabe Fashionista. Former Doula. Intersectional Feminist. Hard Core Liberal. Flaky Type A. Selfish. Enthusiastic. Witch. Canadian. Femme (with an occasional rock star edge). Future Rock Star (see previous). Tenacious. Sleep-Deprived. Shameless. Incorrigible Flirt. Homebirther. 5’ 5”. Wish I Were Taller. Book Worm. Non-Monogamous. Preacher’s Daughter. Libra. Wishy-Washy. Extroverted Exterior/Introverted Soul. Whiner. Gregarious. Queer. Nosy. Persistent. Paranoid. Former Non-Profit Director. Creative. Distractable. Crunchy (On The Inside). Always Thirsty. Delusions Of Grandeur. 45. Day Dreamer. Reformed Good Girl. Eternal Optimist. Touchy-Feely. Scientist. Debater. Pro-Choice. Articulate. Internet Addict. Sloppy Perfectionist. Tattooed. Accident Prone. Dairy, Gluten, Soy & Corn Free (on a good day). Cheap Drunk. Idealist. Morning Person. Prone To Infatuation. Fidgety.

The Sound Of The Rain. Light And Shadow. The Photography of Ruth Bernhard, Edward Weston, Sally Mann, Lara Jade. Words. Reflections. People With Soul. Reality. Fantasy. Friendship. Peeling Away Layers. Hard Edges And Soft Corners. Universal Energy. The Space Right Outside My Comfort Zone. Sex. The Beat Of The Music. Solitude. Paradox. Boundary Pushers. Crashing Waves. Spoken Word. My Girls. The Creative Process. Unexpected Juxtaposition. Rusted Metal and Cracked Cement. People Who Live Without Apology. Stretching To My Limits And Beyond. Crushes. Poetry and Prose. Color. Laughter. The Smell Of Cut Grass. Urban Decay. Dancing With Utter And Complete Abandon. Long Walks With No Particular Destination. Eye Contact. Rawness. People Who Convince Me To Lose My Inhibitions. You.

inspired by.


The Sweet Honey Heat Of Whiskey. All The Hats. Ankle boots + Pencil Skirts + (Fake) Leather Jackets. Cool White Sheets. Almond Milk Lattes. Dark Chocolate. Ripped boyfriend jeans and off the shoulder band tees.  A Smooth, Deep, Rich Red Wine. All Things Scottish. Color-Coded Bookshelves. Two Stepping And Line Dancing. Witches. Raspberries. Laughing Till It Hurts. My Hula Hoop. Mental Clarity. Ice. Karma. Camping. Amber, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange. Pretty Lingerie. The Smell Of Creosote When It Rains. Deadlines. The Ocean. Driving With The Music Loud and The Windows Down. Romantic Comedies. Alone Time. Thrift Stores. Musicals. Falling In Love. Falling in Lust. Deep Red Lipstick. Long Hot Showers Right Before Bed. The Poetry of Mary Oliver + Audre Lorde + Neruda + Rumi + Rilke + Bukowski + All Of The Poets. Serendipity. The Open Road Between Phoenix And LA. My Circle Of Women. Sleep. The Vampire Diaries. Running. Patsy Cline. Board Games. Words. Midcentury Modern Design. The Lessons of The Desert. People Who Know How To Hug. High-End Cosmetics. Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert. Rebels {With And Without A Cause}. Reading While I Eat. Q-Tips. Pinterest. #hashtags. Air Conditioning. Folding Laundry. Spotify. Breakfast. Spell Check. Getting Right To The Point. Being Bitten. My Library Card. My Canon 5D MKII + 24-70 2.8. The Sound of Rain.

Shellfish. Dogma. People Who Don’t Know What They Want. Prejudice, Bigotry, Intolerance. Beer. Soda. Canadian Winter. Arizona Summer. Meal Planning. Card Games. Fake Floral Scented Products. Not Being Able To Read While I Eat. Ethnocentrism. Sloppy Kisses. Ambiguity. When Someone Else Does The Laundry. Dirty Floors. Cynicism. Confrontation. Olives. Beets. Being Teased. Homophobia Transphobia. My Middle Name. Mind Games. Sports on TV. Zoos. Anxiety. Insomnia. People Who Use Artist's Work Without Permission or Attribution.


good at. 

Connecting The Dots. Finding The Right Words. Questioning Authority. Selfies. Seeing Your Beauty. Making Chocolate Chip Cookies. Making Friends. Getting What I Want. Diving Deep. Keeping You On Your Toes. Wasting Time. Ideas. Writing. Holding My Own. Epic Playlist Creation. Listening. Procrastinating. Getting To The Bottom Of Things. Solving Problems. Making Plans. Kissing. Opening Up. Photography. Spending Money. Asking Questions. Avoiding Confrontation.

Sports. Commitment. House Cleaning. Not Interrupting People. Follow Through. Parking. Getting Out Of The House. Accepting The Inevitable. Time Management. Responding (To Texts, To Emails, To Voices). Making Decisions. Remembering Birthdays. Following Directions. Spelling. Accepting Myself. Staying Still. Visibility. Pretending.

bad at.

dream of.

A Commune By The Sea. World Peace. Marrying Kate McKinnon. Marrying Brandi Carlile. Having Minions. Adam Levine. Hiring A Full-Time Housekeeper/Chef. Learning To Stop Interrupting People. Being Famous. Traveling The World. More Sleep. Forming An All Girl Rock Band. Getting The Guts To Sing Karaoke. Living In Scotland. Unlimited Supplies of Chocolate. Outlawing Trail Mix Without Chocolate. Having More Willpower. Owning A Home. Having A Budget For Expensive Clothing. Living Abroad. Becoming A Rock Star. Having Health Insurance. Speaking Multiple Languages. Discovering The Meaning Of Life. Finally learning to Play My Guitar. Getting In Touch With My Inner Bad Girl. Giving Far Fewer Fucks.

Humanity Before Dogma. Universal Energy. The Validity Of Desire. Seducing The Muse. The Power Of Story. Dark Chocolate And Red Whine And Patsy Cline As The Cure For Heartbreak. That Sex Work Is Real Work. The Healing Power of Art. Sovereignty Ownership and Agency Of Self. Vulnerability. Redemption. The Answers Found In The Music. Serendipity. Lucky Pennies. Love. The Religion Of Human Kindness. Poetry. Asking For What I Want. Boundaries. Detaching From Ego. The Necessity Of A Good Editor (In Writing And Life). Embodiment. Owning My Reality Without Apology. Defining Words For Myself. Black Lives Matter. The Necessity Of Dark Chocolate For My Continued Existence. The Validity Of Selfies. The Power Of A Hard Swallow of Whiskey To Make Everything Better. Embracing The Fuck-ups And The Bliss. Eternal Change In All Things (Even The Things I Believe The Most). 

believe in.

working on. 

Unblocking My Money Blocks. Glorifying The Struggle. Apologizing Without Excuses. Boundaries. Codependence. Owning My Part In It All. Unraveling The Starving Artist Identity. Letting Go. Rediscovering The Path To Sustainable Joy. Trusting My Instincts. Consistency. Decluttering. Acting On What I Know. Getting Beyond Just Getting By.

Folding Fitted Sheets. Not Being Ticklish (At All). Ideation. Writing Love Letters.


But enough about me...tell me about you!

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