2021 Prescription

No new years resolutions for me this year.
No flowery poetry.
No broad declarations or rash promises or wild intentions.
Not a single promise to the universe or to another.

Just my own prescription for wholeness.
By me. For me.

Nothing but a steady reminder & a wild handful of hope and a dash of audacity for good measure.

To play the best I can with the cards I am dealt.

To figure out the rules of the game so I can break them when I need to.

To push myself past the edges of my limits & to grant myself a free pass tp hide in the corner & lick my wounds when it all gets to be a bit too much.

To practice & practice & practice everything on this list so many times that maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to taste them all.

And maybe, if the planets align, I might even get a bit better at one or two.

I ain’t looking for perfection.
Hell, I’m not even counting on progress.

But what I am going to do is hold steady to my commitment to self. To remind myself that for all my wandering, I have always returned and, god damn it to hell, I always will.

To know that I am my own safest space. My own knight in not-so-shiny armor. My own lighthouse. My own port in the wildest storm. My own primary relationship.

My own best thing.

My 2021 rx:

  1. Radical permission
  2. Transformative grace
  3. Creative agency
  4. Sexual liberation
  5. Personal sovereignty
  6. Collective responsibility
  7. Justice centered roots.
  8. Boundary pushing art
  9. Gentle self-forgiveness
  10. Exquisite boundaries
  11. Pleasure driven decisions
  12. Uninhibited receiving
  13. Ownership of story
  14. Relentless self reclamation
  15. Provocative aliveness

I won’t even come close to living this full list with any sort of totality in the new year, & I don’t intend to kick myself in the ass for it either. But damn if I don’t have the responsibility to try my best to see what I can make with whatever may come.

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that this life is all a wild crapshoot. We can plan and proclaim, promise & push – but we haven’t the slightest idea what is coming.

All we get to do is live our way into it as best we can and see what becomes of that. Let’s do it.


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