anything could happen

Life can be fucking hard. Month after slogging month. It’s relentless really. You are weary and worn down and exhausted. You wonder sometimes, will it ever ease up?

And then it does. Just like that. The exact thing you had been longing for, wrapped with a bow and delivered to your doorstep. Right when you least expected it. Right when you needed it most.

The sky clears. Burdens lift. Old, limiting stories are wiped out. Boom. Long dwelled upon fears rendered entirely obsolete.

The universe smiles and says ‘Here, take this. It’s for you. You’ve been so brave and so patient. I’ve been waiting for just the right time to give it’.

Game change moment. Things are possible today that were impossible yesterday. Anything could happen.

Perfection?   Little chance.
A free ride?  Certainly not.
Smooth sailing from here on out?  Un-freaking-likely.

But still, in that moment, when the news is delivered. In that moment the sun is shining like possibility incarnate, you’re driving down the freeway with the windows down and your hair blowing crazy in the wind. The song on the stereo is Hollywood soundtrack perfect for the moment. Like the universe dialed in the most utterly perfect setting just for this occasion. And then that one piece of news shifts your trajectory in an utterly essential way and you feel yourself settle into space just a little bit differently.

In that moment your eyes shine and your mouth curves in a smile. In that moment you let out a powerful exhale and speak some divine gratitude. In that moment, it is perfectly clear.

Anything could happen. I can. And it will. And it does.

And there is nothing to say but thank you.


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