You Are A Divine-Earth-Shaking-Revolutionary-Badass-Of-Epic-Proportions.

This week I got one of the most badass jobs in the world – I got invited to guest read the weekly Rebel Reading for my favorite-in-the-history-of-ever tarot card deck, Rebel Deck. Now – these ain’t your mama’s tarot cards, which means I got to dust off my ‘talks like a sailor” inner voice and throw down raw and real – talking back against the negative voices that take up too much space in my head. I had a damn lot of fun writing what I most needed to read – I thought maybe you all could benefit from this reading too…

Hey you.

You are talented and fucking amazing.

Yes. I’m talking to you.

None of that looking over your shoulder, acting like I’m talking to someone else. Don’t go giving me all that false-modesty, self-deprecation, ‘this-old-thing’ bullshit. We don’t have time for that right now. You can save that shit for the mean girls from high school.

Talking down to yourself is so 1990’s (and not in the retro, everything old is new again, high-waisted jeans hipster sort of way, if you know what I mean).

If you’re wasting your precious time talking smack about your fine self, then you’re using up time you won’t ever get back, to do nothing but drag yourself down.

Cut that shit out, sugar.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The world needs your power. Use your voice (just don’t use it for dumb shit).

And darling, any words (spoken or unspoken) that don’t reflect the absolute, irrefutable truth that you are a Divine-Earth-Shaking-Revolutionary-Badass-Of-Epic-Proportions falls into the category of ridiculously dumb shit.

(Why yes, I do suggest you stop right now and add that title to your Instagram Bio for the world to see. Done? Good. Let’s move on).

You ready for the truth?

There ain’t nobody in this whole damn world with a voice like you. Not a single other person alive has lived through your particular story (and honey, I *know* you’ve lived through some hard-core shit). This world, it needs you to speak up. To own your gorgeous self like the sovereign being you are.

In fact, if anyone out there tries to squash you into a box, you smash that box to smithereens and use the wood to build a stage. Then you climb on, stand up tall, pick up a megaphone and ditch your inside voice for good.

It’s time to get loud.

There’s some serious shit going down in the world right now. And your voice? It fucking matters.

Yes. You are talented. Yes. You are amazing.

Yes, you are a Divine-Earth-Shaking-Revolutionary-Badass-Of-Epic-Proportions.

Now start fucking acting like it.

P.S. Repeat after me:

Watch out world, I am a Divine-Earth-Shaking-Revolutionary-Badass-Of-Epic-Proportions. I’ve got something to say and you’d better be listening.”

P.P.S. Tell those mean girls from high school to stuff it.

P.P.S. Know someone who is spending too much time not owning their brilliance? Forward send them this post and remind them just how fucking amazing they are.

Rebel Deck is no bullshit guidance from the universe, complete with bright colors, language like a sailor and a motherfucking unicorn. In other words, it’s perfect for me (and you). Head over to the website to subscribe to the free weekly readings and use coupon code ‘AWESOME’ to take 10% off your order.





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