blessed be my day.

"In spite of it all, isn't this life a holy collection of wonders?"  Jeanette LeBlanc

a running list of ordinary blessings {6.24.12}
a new book of poetry. black dress with pink flowers. farmer’s market heirloom tomatoes. a solo trip to the library. Terry Tempest Williams, Anne Lamott AND a deliciously mindless mass market novel. shoes with ties that lace around my ankles. the smell of sandalwood and sweet orange. the heavy weight of desert heat. pinot gris in the fridge waiting to be opened. a movie date with my two girlies to see Brave. dark chocolate almonds to smuggle in to the theater in my purse. a slow day of very little work. a little girl who asks if she can learn to make her own flower essences. a friend who reminds me I was not made for mediocrity. photos of a wild haired beauty from across the sea. discovering new music from old friends. a neighborhood full of friends for my children to play with the way kids are meant to play. words. always words. wonderful night with my wee girls, who were sweet and well behaved and so very grateful. a female heroine who is NOT saved by a handsome prince. belly full of buttered popcorn.  movie soundtrack of gaelic and bagpipes, the music of my heart. 10pm ice cream sundaes, just because. bedtime cuddle in my bed, sandwiched between the two not-so-little girls that have my heart. the wine still waiting for after they nod off. photos delivered to a goddess, with humility and gratitude for what she gave me. words viewed through wine and glass.  getting lost in poetry and quotes and philosophy into the wee hours of the morning.  dark chocolate melting on my fingers and cool mint on my tongue. lucky penny in the parking lot that reminded me, once again, that in spite of it all – this life is a most holy collection of wonders.


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