bow down and worship by jeanette leblanc

bow down, and worship

{this one is for my witches.  women of fire and ice.  of spells and incantations.  of fragile baddassery.  of power and beauty.  you know who you are.   this one is for all of you.  for at one point or another, I think you all will be the grace that saves me}

bow down and worship.

my soul
demands honoring.

bow down
and worship.

no, I’m not talking to you
or you
or anyone else

just me
only me
{always me}

she does not ask
for it outright
just whispers
her reminders
with slow, seductive insistence
when I let too long pass
without reverence

she says
remember me

remember my divinity
my inherent dignity
remember my grace,
and my power
remember my boldly wanton
deliciously wicked core

know me
she reminds

know me

know this voice that chants incantations
with ancient witches
know this body that dances
naked around flames
know these eyes that glitter with hard truths
and this skin that quivers with soft touch

bow down
and worship.

my soul has birthed
a warrior that creates and consumes
an earthbound goddess that invokes Kali
and Durga
in one sweetly
hotly inspired

my soul
she catches fire
and burns to light the universe
burns to light the way
burns to bring it all down

my soul
she is sex in the heat of afternoon
mothering in the deep of night
the ice of intellect
and the fire of passion
she is all I give to you
and everything I keep
for myself
{especially everything I keep for myself}

how often i

how often we

to pay silent
to practice
inward devotion
to remember

to remember

my soul
your soul
the collective consciousness of
all the worlds

she allows herself to
come apart
that we may stay together
she is torn down
that we may

she is exquisitely tender
and impossibly strong
and walks tall in light
and crawls low through the dark
she is a seductive dominatrix
and the gentlest lover
she is contradiction inherent
and she knows
the source of all things

she holds power
inside of fragility
and evolution
in her consistency
she can slice life with a sharp blade
and serpentine twist strands together

you must coo to her
like a child
and woo her
like a mistress
stroke her magnificent
you must
you must

bow down
and worship.

and then
oh and only then
you can open your brilliant soul
to the world

becausebow down and worship quote jeanette leblanc-2-2
{and I know this is true}
{you know that it’s true}
you’ve got to let yourself
to write poetry
and you’ve got to bleed
in order to bring life
and you’ve got to open
if you want to expand

and you have to honor the divine
to be worthy of worship

{and oh sweet, beautiful woman,
you are worthy of worship}

you have to lay claim
to it all
in order to move
the world.

and we all need to move this world.

so honor it all

let the devotion inspire
a life poem
let your body move
to dance her to sleep
let your voice sing
to coax her to awareness

get down on your knees

get down on your knees

let the reverence
flow up
and bubble over

our souls
demand honoring

yes you.
and you.
and everyone else.

bow down
and worship.





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