I am entirely badass even in the midst of all this clusterfuckery.


I am entirely badass even in the midst of all this clusterfuckery.

Today we are going to own that, you and I. ⁠⁠We have to. ⁠⁠We need to. ⁠⁠We deserve to. ⁠⁠Because core woundings are hella brutal.

Because uncertainty is a mother fucker. ⁠⁠

Because every minute of every day somebody needs something and you can’t possibly keep all the balls in the air. ⁠⁠

Because tender hearts are so damn brave but also, it is fair to note, not always the best source of reliable information or guidance when triggered and misfiring in all directions. ⁠⁠

Because most of the negative gossip we spread is directed at our own souls.

Because the amount on your plate could bring down an army. ⁠⁠

Because of exhaustion and overwhelm and how deeply, deeply you want to be loved. ⁠⁠

Because healing is amazing and pleasure is your birthright and desire will lead you home and joy really is right there for the taking.

And, also, some days you might breakdown in anger or tears or have a panic attack right in the middle of an otherwise ordinary afternoon without even fully understanding why.

You might cry and grieve and rage and howl even though shit has been pretty fucking good and you damn well know it.

⁠All of this can exist simultaneously without contradiction. ⁠⁠

You’re a human being living this wide-open life. Sometimes that’s just a fuckery of a space to be. ⁠⁠

Own it, my love. ⁠⁠Own it all. ⁠⁠All of it. Every last bit.
Own the tenderness.
Own the overwhelm
Own the sideways slam and the pressure and the way it all piles up.
Own the breakdown.
Own the infinite unending exhaustion.
Own the longing for strong arms to lay you down. ⁠

None of that negates the good or the gratitude or the blessings. ⁠And NONE of that makes you any less of a badass.⁠⁠

It makes you MORE. ⁠⁠

MORE human.⁠MORE alive. ⁠MORE honest and authentic and real. ⁠⁠

It makes you a god damn warrior.

⁠⁠So do me a favor?⁠⁠

Whatever you are doing, stop right now.⁠

Go find a mirror & look yourself in the eye. ⁠⁠

Take the deepest damn breath you can manage. ⁠

All the way to your belly. ⁠All the way to your toes. ⁠All the way to the center of the earth. ⁠⁠

Repeat after me:
“Yes. I AM entirely badass even in the midst of all this clusterfuckery.”⁠⁠

And believe it. ⁠⁠

Whatever you do, for as long as you can, hold that truth as solid and irrefutable and yours to own. ⁠⁠

Because it is.
It always has been.
It always will be.

You epic survivor.

You miraculous being dead set on healing.

You wise and wonderous seeker.

You are a badass.

Even in the midst of the worst clusterfuckery.

Today and always and forever.

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