You Are Not Too Much: Love Notes On Heartache, Redemption & Reclamation - A book by Jeanette LeBlanc


a little book of love notes on
heartache | redemption | reclamation

This book is a love letter.

A love letter to those in the midst of the breakdown or a reckoning or a rise. A love letter to the wild ones, to the lost souls, to the free. To the seekers and the lovers of leaving and those intent on finding themselves amidst the rubble.

A love letter to you.

I hope this beautiful little book is a companion, a guide, a map and a reminder.

A reminder of your strength.
A reminder of your magic. 
A reminder of your beauty.
A reminder of your wild heart and your holy howl.
And a reminder that no, you are not too much.
You never have been.
You never will be.

You are exactly as you should be. 
Blessed be.

You Are Not Too Much: Love Notes on Heartache, Redemption & Reclamation - A book by Jeanette LeBlanc
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Available in paperback and hardcover, 180 pages, containing beautifully formatted passages collected from my archives of writing. 

Each copy will be hand-signed and inscribed with the message of your choice and will include a little extra surprise. 

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Order Your Copy NowAll orders will receive autographed and inscribed copies}

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Jeanette LeBlanc
I'm Jeanette LeBlanc. I spent most of my life working very hard to be a good girl. One day I woke up and decided to write my way out of my own life, things haven't been the same since. Single mama to two ridiculously unruly daughters, I believe in the smooth honey burn of whiskey, the crashing of mama ocean, pencil skirts, vintage band tees and fringed boots, the kinship of the wild wolf, walking for miles in unfamiliar cities, the power of dark red lipstick and the necessity of putting out for the muse on the regular. Oh yeah, and that sometimes our stories are the only things that can save us. These are my words, my heart on the page. Thank you for being here.

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