our lady of deep dives

(The universe, she brings magic.  She gifts art.  She helps the goodness find me, again and again.   She has brought the soulful deep divers to me.  Gives me opportunity to learn and to guide and to teach.   Even when I am at my lowest – especially when I am at my lowest –  I am reminded, again and again.  I have been blessed beyond measure.  What I am sharing below-  in progress images included – is a direct transcription of texts from yesterday.  So much magic I cannot even fathom.  Saving Grace. Holy Wonder.  Blessed Be}.


Is there any reason you need to see her?  She is emerging and wants you to know.

She is beautiful and stirs something in me.  Tell me what you know of her.

She wears feathers in her hair and is covered in bone.  She belongs by the sea and speaks to the whales.  She has three mermaid tails but can survive on land. 

Chills.  All over me.

She’s also yours, goddammit.

Do you know why?  I cannot stop looking.

Only that she wants to be with you and the painting isn’t even done yet.

I have been feeling helpless in anger and ache and sad this weekend.  She feels strong.  A wise and quiet kind of strong.photo 1

Ah yes.  She’s a rock made of water.

I keep reading the words ‘covered in bone’.   Like they are significant.

Her armor. 

I think I seldom feel as if I have any.

Maybe you can borrow hers.

Jesus.  Thank you.  I needed her today.  I don’t even know why.

Just doing what the universe tells me to do.

I can already feel her bringing me words.  I want to know everything you sense of her.  Everything she whispers.  Rock made of  water.  Fuck.

Our lady of deep dives. Part warrior.  Part mermaid.  Shaman.  Feminine.  Wearer of bone; utterly soft beneath.  Receiver of gusts of the divine, divine.  Blowsly, deep winds shake her as she surfaces and she calls to her pod.  ‘Come, let us go deeper. There is much to learn.  Much to love.  Much to know’.

IMG_5655Image Credit: Our Lady Of Deep Dives by Kristen Kalp


And it is true.  Our Lady Of Deep Dives has brought me words.  And she has brought me wisdom.  And peace and solace and some deep steady strength that was greatly needed.  Her bone armor, my own.  But those words?  I’m not going to share them here now.  Because Our Lady, she wants to speak to you by herself.

If this is your day, as it was mine, to feel sad and mired in ache and anger.  If you feel without armor and bare to the world.  If you are feeling raw and undone.  If you need to heed your call to the wise and wild sea.  If there are things you are knowing you need without even knowing you need them.   Let her speak to you and move through you and deliver you to where you need to be.  She will, if you let her.

All that I will say is that I am humbled and grateful for the way this world reminds me of what I need to know.  For the souls who have crossed my path and who have joined me on this journey.  For the art and music and poetry and magic that winds and twists its way to me.  For the ache that cracks me wide open to it all.


{the chill inducing Our Lady Of Deep Dives painting and the words in bold belong to the inimitable Kristen Kalp.  She of balloons and glitter and viking hats and TED talks and record breaking games of twister and a camp for grownups that will be a level of epic that goes beyond all previously experienced levels of epic.  She’s a doer AND a dreamer.  Pragmatic and magical.  I am so honored and blessed to call her friend, beyond lucky to work with her, and over the moon to be asked to teach at camp this spring.  Blessed Be, indeed}


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