It’s time to stop waiting for permission

Where are you still waiting for permission?

To leave, to run, to quit, to stop, to yell, to get angry, to rejoice, to dance, to sing, to fuck, to break, to mend, to come undone, to end, to begin, to scream, to cast spells, to call in what you want, to lay it all down, to rest, to get out of town, to unlock, to unleash, to go wild, to embrace, to get intimate, to hold boundaries, to eat and drink and be merry, to make art, to take a break, to bust ass, to be a bitch, to say fuck no, to say hell yes, to swear, to get in the car and drive, to go off the grid, to chart your own course, to break the rules, to change the rules, to make new rules, to become a devotee of your own truth, to name your own religion, to ink your skin, to cut your hair, to change the goddamn game, to break your own heart, to forgive, to absolve yourself of guilt, to stop doing penance, to move on, to go back, to release, to hold tightly, to love, to dream bigger, to smash the patriarchy, to seek healing, to honor your trauma, to fiercely claim your joy, to get naked, to believe in redemption, to honor your wisdom, to get louder, to find a space of your own, to travel, to ask for what you want, to name what you need, to roar your righteous anger, to choose your own name, to ask for what you’re worth, to be the boss of yourself, to know yourself and your body and your heart as holy

But, why don’t we all claim this permission from the get go?

The answer is shame. Pervasive. Externally placed. Hellbound on keeping us small.

“At some point in a woman’s life, she just gets tired of being ashamed all the time.”Elizabeth Gilbert

After a lifetime of contorting myself to fit into boxes never meant for the likes of me—it’s true. I got tired of feeling ashamed all the time

It does feel wildly subversive to say that I no longer feel ashamed.

Not in body my soul or beliefs or movement through the world. Not for who or what or how I am. I do not hold apology for the ways and hows and whos of my work and my desire and my love. There is an ownership of power in this simple fact that refuses to fit into words.

But if you see me, you’ll know it.

Sovereignty. That’s what I call it.

Somehow, through all the twists and turns and fuckery of this life, I became a woman who is sovereign onto herself.

Does this mean I’ve beaten all my demons and that I don’t give a fuck and that everything is peachy keen all the time?

Oh hell no. Not even close.

I am a woman who will forever be grappling with herself – pushing and growing and expanding and contracting. Learning and unlearning and tripping over the same lessons 50 times or more on the way to integration. It gets messy in this brain and heart and body of mine. That’s just how I’m made.

But the fact remains that there is not a person, or relationship, or religion, or belief system or organization that holds me to any agreement that negates my contract with myself.

Fact: Your shame serves nobody.

In fact, where there is shame, there is no pleasure.

It is your pleasure that the universe spirals eternally toward.

So, are you ready to be subversive?

How about revolutionary?

There comes a time in the evolution of a human where she gets tired of asking permission to live and breathe and be and love in the way that is most honest and true. When she stops looking outside of herself and she writes her own permission slip and she doesn’t look back.

They call me a permission catalyst, it’s true. But here’s the secret, you never needed permission from me.
It’s on you.

What I CAN do is help you carve a path to the permission that has ALWAYS lived in you.

I’ve opened up only two new spots for Creative Sovereignty Coaching this quarter.

This work is rooted in radical permission.

To own your story.
To remove the masks.
To shed your shame.
To speak and write and live as a human sovereign unto yourself.

Is this finally your time?

If you’re feeling the call to claim permission to live your life on your own terms, and to live and write your way into the truth of your story – simply send me an email and we can open a conversation that has the potential to blast the doors of your heart, your creativity and your boldness wide open.

You can also book a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more.

No more asking permission.

The permission you seek is there for the claiming.

The only question is – are you ready?


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