On The Days You’re Feeling Tender

Listen. If you’re feeling tender this morning, just let yourself be tender.

If life feels a little rough or raw around the edges, don’t try to soften yourself to make the others more comfortable.

If your skin feels like it’s on inside out, wrap yourself in your favorite sweater like it’s a magical security blanket.

If you need comfort, make your coffee extra sweet and frothy in the mug that reminds you of the ocean.

If you need to keep it simple and not brush your hair or make up your face, so be it.

If he sends you a song that brings on a rush of feelings, just feel them. 

If her words bring on tears, let them fall. 

If you need validation or affirmation, ask for it (and keep asking until it arrives). 

If your to-do list seems irreconcilable with the available time and your skillset, surrender to reality and ask for some damn help. 

If you receive a photo of beauty, zoom in and be grateful. 

If you ate all the chocolate, my god go get more as soon as you can. 

If you get a message from someone who truly sees you, stop long enough to take his words all the way in. 

If you have a chance to get out of town, you should damn well take it. 

If the witches are gathering, get your spellbook ready and lean into the magic.

If you’re lonely, let yourself be lonely.

If you want what you don’t yet have, don’t try to talk yourself out of the wanting, get your journal and write a love letter to call it in.

Love. It’s okay to be where you are. There’s enough force in this life. Enough push. Enough pressure. Enough hard. We all need to unfold a little. To lean into the light. To surrender. To release.

Tender souls, rough edges, wanting hearts and all.


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