Uncommon Woman | Tara Hardy {Sunday Slam}

“For any woman who’s ever been told she’s too much:
You, who broke out of the mold before they even cracked it
off you. You, who came out inventing your own how-to-scale-a-wall
with only vowels. You, who fireflash in the eye of so many
midnights, so many men who want to taste your hem, who dream
of being desired by an Uncommon Woman, if only because
their dressers are empty of anything but brand name cologne
and predictable portrait. Let them call you different. Let them bait
the minnows of you heart. Show them your heart is a school
of fish, a solar system of all moons. When asked, say,
“My heart is always causing the mating season.” When they call you
full of yourself”, say, “Yes.” Breathe in their scorn and breathe out


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