Why {Peace.Love.Free}?

{peace.love.free} is inspired by the song “Exactly” by Amy Steinberg.

I first heard this song almost two years ago, and since then the words and melody have carried me through some of my darkest nights and most blissful days.   I have centered and grounded my experience on the wings of this song more times than I can possibly count…

“it’s only what you perceive how you believe the space between
you and me
that creates reality
so when i sing you can feel it
when i cry you can heal it
when i speak words you can be the words i speak by singing with me

peace love free
peace love free
peace love free

and when i am alone and full of fear
i just remember the rising sun always appears
everyday miracles that i see
well they take me back to exactly where i need to be”

and eventually the refrain of peace love free became a mantra that I could pull from when I needed it most, a mantra that reminded me to remain in the moment, to wait for the wisdom, to roll with life and let it roll over me.  Through breaking down and making love and soaring high and crashing deep, the energy of those words, of this song, have been my companion.

I am exactly where i need to be
i need to be exactly where i am
i am a blessing manifest
i can undress the moment
naked time unwinds beneath my mind
and from within i find the kind of beauty
only i can find
i am exactly where i need to be
i need to be exactly where i am
i am surrendering so willingly
to be the perfect me inside this now
and truly how else could it be
destiny she blesses me



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