you can’t take your eyes off of me


you can’t take your eyes off of me.

can you?

not now
not here

there have been plenty of days
{there will always be plenty of days}
where I am the forgettable
turning myself almost
inside out
to keep you from seeing

please don’t look

but when I move into this space

this one

right here
right here

with hips swaying
and head held high
mouth in sassy
smirk till lips part
almost ready to

you lean forward

yes. you do.

you lean forward,
transfixed by the moment
before the moment
the potential tucked
inside my breath
just waiting for
my exhale to
lay claim to
something extraordinary

in that moment

i own you

yes I do.

it is not pretty face
or strong body or
divine catwalk style
{though those may be lovely to some}
it is not sway of hips
or curve of lips
or anything superficial
that captivate right now

because baby,
floating on the surface is
far too easy to
to rely on

and this isn’t about easy

nothing so peripheral could hold
such power.
not really.

it seems silly
to think there were days
when I believed
{and still, I sometimes believe}
that I could measure
the value of
my existence
in a reflective
piece of glass

look at me
look at me

my eyes would plead
am I good enough?
see me please
prove to me that I
am not invisible
show me I do not blend
chameleon into
this beige life

and in my desperation
I became smaller
and you looked away

of course you looked away

but that was then

before the

knowing that
it is not profession
or skill
not intellect
or accolades
not even talent or passion or drive

no, it is nothing
that comes from
my looking
or my doing
I can’t write it with slick words
or capture it in bright pixels
I can’t paint a pretty face
or saunter in stilettos and
expect to hold
your attention

no, this is not about easy

but it sure isn’t hard.

the secret to this
is my


it is my being that
holds sway
keeps captive
your attention
and desire

you want

the very act of being
to be content with
no elemental
but with expectation
of every breath flooding
every last atom
in this universe
into pulsing awareness

I am an
when fully engaged
in being
vibrational frequency
shimmers liquid
across depth and breadth
and I am on fire
from the inside out

and then you are lit
from the outside, in.

and when I am no longer
with the effort of
not contracting
but instead choose to

I expand

and I fill this space
refuse to be contained
by labels
or expectations
or boxes designed to keep me small

hell no.
not now.

now is my time
this is my space

and you can’t take your eyes of off me.

I’m not growing up here
I’m growing out
in all directions
possessing this space
every last inch,
every last fiber
every last sound

and all of you.

yes, this is poem is about
this life is about
and right now

i am all about being

this is not just about me
did you think that it was?

no, I own this particular swagger
only because I know that
this spark
is in every last one of us
and we can all strut
and smirk
and own the room
just by being

I know the fire that burnsyou can't take your eyes off of me-4-2
in your gut
and I know your fears
of being seen
and of being invisible
and I know the tears that crack you
wide open
and the chasms that threaten
to swallow you whole
and I know your heart sometimes pounds so
hard that you’d swear
it could be heard around the world
if only people would wake up
and listen

and I know you are so ready
to expand
ready to
your particular
way of

So no, this could never be just about
quite frankly
are so damn amazing that

I can’t take my eyes
off of




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