You. Yes you. By Jeanette LeBlanc

you are safe here. you are home now. you can rest.

Hey you.

Yes, you.

You have been so brave. So strong.  So resolved. You have been standing your ground for months now and you are so very tired.

You give everything to others and you are depleted.  Your profound generosity is one of the truest things in the universe, but such things do not come without cost.

You have endured a loss so profound that your world has stopped spinning.  You ache from the weight of carrying around the giant hole in your heart.  So few people understand that emptiness can be so very heavy.

You have such an exquisitely beautiful heart.  You experience life so deeply that it becomes overwhelming. You ache because you cannot take it all in, and you ache because you cannot possibly make it all better.

You are under tremendous pressure. So much is riding on what you are doing every day.  You carry the weight of this on your shoulders and in your heart, and it is breaking your spirit.

You have witnessed things that no eyes should see.  You have heard words that nobody should have to hear.  Your soul is tender and wounded.  You struggle to maintain your faith in the basic goodness of humanity.

You are confused, in a state of turmoil.  You feel alone. There are a million paths in front of you and you have no idea which one to take.  All you want to do is run away.

You are a warrior woman.  Fierce.  Awe-inspiring.  Full of courage.  You are surrounded by many who look to you for inspiration.  But there are moments where you are brought to your knees by doubt, when you question how you can possibly go on, when the fight seems too vast for one person.

You have been attacked. Your security has been breached. The center of your existence has been threatened, and that which defines you is in jeopardy.   You pour your heart and soul into protection, but you know that in the end it is all beyond your control.

You are cracked and broken, brilliant and growing, flawed and humble, triumphant and bold, completely at peace and embroiled in struggle.

You are human.  I am too.

So come here.  Take my hand.   Sit with me in this safe corner.  We’ll make a cozy fort with blankets, just like we did when we were kids.   We’ll use these handmade quilts from my grandmother because they’ve already got love sewn right into them, and right now we need all the love we can get.  Well just pull these old patchwork quilts around us and snuggle into our cocoon. We’ll get through this together, you and I.

Hold my hand.  Lay your head on my shoulder and I’ll lean close and we’ll surround each other in waves of the purest love. We’ll tell each other our secrets, give voice to our fears, dive into the darkness and the light together. Take a deep breath now with me, and exhale everything you’ve been holding inside.  Let it all go now, every little bit of it.  It’s not just yours to hold anymore.  You are not alone now.  You never really were.

There are times to stand up and fight, to be strong and brave and mighty.  And you have done that so well.  Now is the time to lay it all down and surrender.   This is the time to take refuge, to rebuild your reserves, to feed your heart and mind and soul.  To remember how beautiful you are, how sacred, how precious in every possible way.Jeanette LeBlanc quote

Have faith that others will pick up what you have put down, even if just for a little while.  Know that you must do this, that space and time and healing love are just as important as struggling forward and gaining ground.  Feel the tremendous love pouring toward you from all corners of the universe.  Accept that all will be revealed in time.  Know that you are the most perfect, most beautiful, most inspiring person I have ever known.

You are safe here. You are home now.  You can rest.


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